PS4 Disc Drive Logic Board Transfer
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  • PS4 Disc Drive Logic Board Transfer

PS4 Disc Drive Logic Board Transfer

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PS4 drive mechanism repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>PS4 disc drive is completely dead
>PS4 doesn't attempt at all to bring disc in
>PS4 drive has been swapped and doesn't work

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What causes the PS4 disc drive logic board fault?

The main chips on the logic boards are really sensitive to static damage. If someone has opened the PS4 without taking ESD precautions, there is a chance that the logic board can become damaged and then stop working completely. 

The fault can happen without the above too and just be a general electrical failure.

Another reason we get consoles in needing this repair is when customers have tried to swap the full drive to repair a drive fault, but not transferred the logic board. The logic boards are paired to the main motherboard of the PS4 so they are not interchangeable. 

How do we repair the PS4 disc drive logic board?

We need to take the chip that is paired to the motherboard off the original drive logic board, and transfer it to a new drive board. To do this we have to open the PS4, take the drive out, remove the logic board and de-solder the old chip. It is a fairly technical job that requires an experienced hand. 

We then reassemble and test the console before marking it ready for dispatch back to you.

Please note, that we cannot complete this repair if you do not provide the original drive logic board. 

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