PS4 Playstation 4 HDMI Port Replacement

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PS4 HDMI port repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>HDMI port looks physically damaged
>Pins bent inside
>HDMI port is loose
>Console still powers up and the light turns from blue to white

The Gamer-Tech Service

>Courier Collection available
>3 - 5 working day standard turnaround
>Local to our repair centre in York? Come in for a same day service - no need to book
>Express Service option for same day repair
>Online tracking to keep you up to date
>High quality parts

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What causes the PS4 HDMI port fault?

The most common reason we hear is that the PS4 has been dropped or knocked while plugged in. This causes the HDMI cable to yank out and physically damage the port. It can also happen while plugging in the cable. The ports are quite delicate so if the HDMI cable isn't plugged in carefully to the PS4 it can cause damage. 

If the port doesn't look damaged, there is another part of the motherboard that could have failed. Click Here to view the PS4 HDMI Controller IC Chip Replacement 

How do we repair the PS4?

To repair this fault we need to carefully strip the console down to the motherboard. From there we desolder the old HDMI port. The port is attached by 4 main holding legs that are through-hole soldered and the HDMI data pins are surface mounted so it is a delicate job. Once the old port is removed, the solder pads of the logic board are inspected for damage. If the original port is really badly yanked, this can cause damage to the motherboard and in some circumstances could be beyond repair (although that is very rarely the case).

Once we have cleaned up the board and prepped the solder pads for the new port, we solder the new HDMI port to the PS4. We reassemble the console and it goes down to our testing bench where all consoles are tested for at least 4 hours.

Is Your PS4 Still Under Warranty? If your PS4 is under a year old, it may be covered by Sony's warranty. Click Here for Sony's support pages

Exactly what I wanted

Great service all round, easy to speak to, I used the DPD courier service and was happy with the boxes used for pick-up and delivery. I've only had it back for two weeks so far and will update if any problems.

    HDMI replacement

    Excellent job, thoroughly tested before releasing to make sure there was no problems.
    Quick turnaround, very friendly, reasonably priced & professional service.
    Highly recommend.


      The service provided was excellent, from Jo understanding my query and talking me through the process to the engineers completing the work in 1 day. I sent my playstation on a Monday and received it on a Wednesday. Great service, highly recommended.

        Hdmi port repair

        Absolutely brilliant and fast turn around, sent ps4 in on friday 21st july, received email monday 24th july saying its been fixed+tested and was asked which day i wanted it back, i said any day was fine then it was returned today 25th july. Great work, thank you very much :)


          Thank you so much Gamer tech


            Fantastic service will definitely use again

              Thank you

              I cannot thank gamertech enough for their fantastic service, pretty much faultless, didn't try to upsell me or extort me for more money, kept me completely updated and were kind and friendly when I called customer service, would definitely recommend

                Absolutely Superb Service.

                After very careful consideration and months of looking into getting my Playstations HDMI port fixed. I came across Gamer-Tech. The communication was fast and quality. Explained how everything worked in full and delivered great customer service. I chose for the most expensive delivery option which was well worth it. Picked up from my home by DPD, didn't have to do anything but give the console to the driver and had it delivered back to me. Took around 10 days including weekends from picking up to receiving back which was great. Highly recommend using Gamer-Tech and don't worry about anything going wrong. All you need to do is read the terms of their service and that explains it all. Very happy customer and will be using again if needed. Thanks very much!

                  Quick repair and service!!!

                  Very impressed with this company, well worth the money to fix a problem that was important for ps4 use.

                    Dean Finney

                    The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

                    Response Time : 5
                    Helpful : 5
                    Knowledgeable : 5
                    Competitive : 5
                    Likely to Recommend : 5

                    Dean Finney's enquiry was :

                    HDMI port replacement

                    Dean Finney's comments about your service are :

                    Excellent customer service handled order with such professionalism Would highly recommend and would happily use them again for any issue

                      Excellent service

                      The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

                      Response Time : 5
                      Helpful : 5
                      Knowledgeable : 5
                      Competitive : 5
                      Likely to Recommend : 5

                      Ilija Mrdalj's enquiry was :

                      How much would the above repair cost and what is the turn around time please. Many Thanks

                      Ilija Mrdalj's comments about your service are :

                      Excellent service and quick turn around! Very helpful when i called to check on progress and most of all kids very happy now! High recommended!


                        The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

                        Response Time : 5
                        Helpful : 5
                        Knowledgeable : 5
                        Competitive : 5
                        Likely to Recommend : 5

                        Neil Hollywood's enquiry was :

                        Faulty hdmi port

                        Neil Hollywood's comments about your service are :

                        EXCELLENT turnaround time, posted ps4 on friday and had it back home fully working by the following thursday and also great rates I could have got it fixed locally and would have cost £10 more. Neil

                          PS4 faulty HDMI Port

                          Excellent service! The turnaround was super efficient too.Dropped off for DPD collection on the Saturday,PS4 was fixed and returned by Thursday morning.
                          Communication was also superb,with constant updates via e-mail.I had my doubts like everyone when arranging this repair,but i would have no problems now in recommending GamerTech's service.
                          Very satisfied customer.Thank You

                            Great Professional Service

                            Found gamer tech a proffesional service, all communication was smooth and done in a professional way. The actual fixing of the PlayStation was very quick and of an excellent standard would definitely recommend 5* service

                              Good service

                              The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

                              Response Time : 5
                              Helpful : 5
                              Knowledgeable : 4
                              Competitive : 4
                              Likely to Recommend : 4

                              Paul Rogers's enquiry was :

                              The HDMI port is broken

                              Paul Rogers's comments about your service are :

                              Good service, the person I dealt with was both friendly and polite, very swift turnaround. Thanks very much, 3 Grandsons very happy

                                Highly recommend

                                The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

                                Response Time : 5
                                Helpful : 5
                                Knowledgeable : 5
                                Competitive : 5
                                Likely to Recommend : 5

                                John Millar's enquiry was :

                                tv port has went inside ps

                                John Millar's comments about your service are :

                                Quick response to initial call fast and secure pick up and loads of correspondence all with an excellent price for repairs. Highly recommend...


                                  Booked this in on Monday, got it back on Wednesday and all working great. Wanted to leave it a few days to make sure it is working properly and it is!

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