Extended Warranty
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Extended Warranty

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Extend the warranty on your repair* for up to 12 months. 

*This excludes all GPU repairs such as YLOD, BLOD etc.

Although your repair should last for a very long time, you can ensure it is covered for longer by us by purchasing our extended warranty. We follow the original manufacturers warranty policies which is up to 3 months with Sony, and Microsoft on our last check. 

Our extended warranties cover:

  • A re-occurrence of the original fault we repaired
  • Shipping both ways
  • Same service time as original order

The extended warranty does not cover:

  • Accidental/user damage
  • New faults that are different to that we repaired
  • Liquid damage
  • Our warranty seal must be intact

*This excludes all GPU repairs such as YLOD, BLOD etc.

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