Reduced price! Playstation 4 BLOD (Blue Light Of Death), Tripping Power or APU fault

PS4 Playstation 4 BLOD (Blue Light Of Death), Tripping Power or APU fault

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PS4 APU (GPU and CPU) Repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>PS4 shows blue light for a second then turns off
>PS4 fans running loud
>PS4 shows distorted graphics 
>PS4 blue light pulsates

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>Local to our repair centre in York? Come in for a same day service - no need to book
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What causes the PS4 BLOD, Tripping Power or APU fault?

There are many contributing factors to this fault. The first is the use of lead-free solder. Much has been documented online about how lead-free alloys are not as durable as leaded solder. The APU is bonded to the motherboard by a BGA (Ball Grid Array) method, which is a grid of tiny solder connections. Over time the solder connection deteriorates through heat stress. Also, the motherboard slightly warps with use through the heating up and cooling down process and this can cause the solder connections to break. When the connections break the Playstation 4 will show a red light.

You may also experience an overheating message or the PS4 may turn on and operate normally for a short period of time before it fails. This can be due to the fact that as the PS4 heats up the motherboard expands with the heat and then pulls the connections apart. The PS4 may also freeze when this happens or show distorted graphics.

Poor ventilation can be another cause. Keeping the PS4 in a TV cabinet can restrict the airflow and cause it to overheat. We have seen before that just moving the console out of a TV cabinet or away from a radiator can allow the console to run like normal. 

The number one reason we hear of as a cause of the BLoD in the PS4 is when people have dropped the PS4 or something has landed on top of it. This is due to the case flexing and putting pressure on the heat sink inside which in turn puts pressure directly on the APU which can help break the connections. Some modifications have been made by Sony to try to prevent this fault but it does still happen.

How do we repair the PS4 BLOD?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault. We then strip the PS4 down, cleaning the dust out as we go. We then clean up the motherboard and remove all of the old thermal paste. We use a controlled machine that remelts the solder and straightens the motherboard so the connections are reformed.  

We rebuild the console and the repair person carries out an initial test before the console is passed over to our saturation test bench. We test all functions and run the console through a number of heat cycles to ensure the problem doesn't return. All GPU/APU repairs are tested for a minimum of 8 hours. 

Great Repair On BLOD

Speedy repair on my ps4 facing a BLOD fault. Took no more than 3 days for a diagnosis and APU replacement, now works like new. Kept me in the loop through the whole process. Price is very good compared to other repair companies.

Great company, very professional and good customer service. Highly recommended.


    Thanks stuart for fixin my ps4

    Fixed and workin thanks u for the hard work

      Superb service!

      Fixed the fault the same day as receiving my PS4 and I got it the next day! Always kept in contact about the repair, will be coming back if any other device of mine goes wrong. Thanks very much!

        Blod repair

        Brilliant company..helpful friendly staff ..easy to diagnose your fault repair picked up from my door and delivery back all within a week would recommend to anybody needing repair doing 10/10

          PS4 BLOD Repair

          Great service, great quality , fast, helpful, would highly recommend anyone i need of the PS4 BLOD repair Gamertech did a fantastic job.

            Very quick response

            The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

            Response Time : 5
            Helpful : 5
            Knowledgeable : 5
            Competitive : 4
            Likely to Recommend : 5

            Paul Musa's enquiry was :

            Blue light of death.

            Paul Musa's comments about your service are :

            Very quick response to my initial enquiiry, professional and friendly team. Thanks.


              The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

              Response Time : 5
              Helpful : 5
              Knowledgeable : 5
              Competitive : 4
              Likely to Recommend : 5

              Ben Nathan's enquiry was :

              When I press the power button the console beeps once the blue light comes on for a second then all off again. No signal reaches the tv. Ive tried other HDMI cables and replacing the power in the socket cable no change. What does this fault sound like and is it repairable CheersBen

              Ben Nathan's comments about your service are :

              Thanks, all repaired & working, and god communications in arranging the return delivery with dates & address.

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