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PS4 Playstation 4 Laser Repair

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PS4 laser replacement. Is this the right repair for you?

>PS4 accepts discs but doesn't load them
>PS4 disc reading icon continuously spins
>PS4 shows disc read error message

The Gamer-Tech Service

>Courier Collection available
>3 - 5 working day standard turnaround
>Local to our repair centre in York? Come in for a same day service - no need to book
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What causes the PS4 laser fault?

The laser diode in all consoles, not just the PS4, naturally deteriorates to the point that they no longer read discs. The strength and focus of the laser reduces over time. It is normally the Blu-ray laser diode that fails first as it is normally the most used. You may find DVD and audio discs still work as these use a different (red) laser which is on the same assembly.

Sometimes physical damage can happen to the PS4 laser lens. If the console is moved or knocked while a disc is spinning inside, it can cause it to make contact with the laser lens and damage it. You may also notice a circular scratch on the disc when this happens. 

There has also been times where updates have caused issues with lasers too.

** We always recommend trying a few discs prior to booking this repair in to rule out a damaged disc. If you're having problems with one disc it may be that which is at fault **

How do we repair the PS4 laser?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault. We then proceed to open the PS4 and remove the internal PSU. We then have access to the disc drive. 

We inspect the mechanism of the disc drive to rule that out as a fault (it is a cheaper repair if it is the mechanism click here to see). If all is ok with the drive mechanism, we swap the whole laser assembly for a new one. 

We reassemble the PS4 at the repair desk and give it an initial test. If all is ok the PS4 is passed down to the main testing bench where all consoles are stress tested and all functions checked. 


Gamer-Tech are excellent, my PS4 stopped reading disks, giving me a corrupt data error, after i had tried everything myself at home (warranty was already out) I tried new a HDD, cleaning the laser, clearing dust from inside console, i gave up and decided to get in touch with GT, before i ordered, they contacted me through email and phone to discuss what the problem could possibly be, narrowing it down to the laser, i paid extra for the fast delivery and packaging, as i had just purchased Uncharted 4 and really wanted to play it, it was picked up Monday and i received it back Thursday (could of been Wednesday but they gave me the option to keep it an extra night and try more testing on it, which i said yes too). All in all they're customer service was 10/10, my PS4 is now fixed and i'm a very happy customer. Thank you Gamer-Tech.

    5* all round

    The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

    Response Time : 5
    Helpful : 5
    Knowledgeable : 5
    Competitive : 5
    Likely to Recommend : 5

    Jake's enquiry was :

    my playstation will not recognise blu ray dvds or my Playstation games but will play dvds

    Jake's comments about your service are :

    The gentleman was polite on the phone knew what the problem was when I was explaing what issue I had and very fast turn around for my console to be repaired 5* all round.

      Would 110% recommend

      Abbie Cox's enquiry was :

      Making funny noises when turning console on sounds like it is trying to read disc. Home screen says unrecognised disc no matter how many discs we have tried. Can still use PS4 for other things such as watching Netflix etc so must be disc drive.

      Abbie Cox's comments about your service are :

      We had a problem with our PS4 - it wasn`t reading any discs so we were worried that it would be an expensive fix. I was given a really good price over the phone and a next day appointment to get it fixed! Embarrassingly, the problem was that my 2 year old had sneakily stuck a lolly stick into the drive and damaged the laser! But we had a giggle and it was fixed within an hour. Would 110% recommend to anyone!

        Fantastic service

        My 7 years old's PS4 suddenly stopped reading disks, I messaged gamer-tech as I had no idea what was wrong with the console, they promptly phoned me and suggested a laser repair, I paid on the phone and dropped the console at Halfords, I received it back today and my little is thrilled his console is working again. Lovely group of people who offer 5 * service, really cannot fault them! My local repair shop wanted over £100!! Brilliant prices, quick turnaround (about a week) and it is fixed!! Really cannot recommend enough....thanks again x

          Ps4 laser repair

          Quick repair. Sent ps4 for laser repair and retruned within 5 days.

            Big Thanks

            The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

            Response Time : 5
            Helpful : 5
            Knowledgeable : 5
            Competitive : 5
            Likely to Recommend : 5

            Lynne Horsman's enquiry was :

            Ps4 wont read disc

            Lynne Horsman's comments about your service are :

            I would like to say a big thanks to gamer tech the collection, delivery, price, and communcation was excellent and I would deffinatley use gamer tech again also I would recommend anyone who has trouble with their game machine thank again regards L horsman

              Excellent Service all around from top to bottom and side to side

              Top customer service, efficient and professional. I was thoroughly pleased with the whole situation. When my PS4 broke down and would no longer take games, I went online did a google search and their company came up. Dropped them an email and received a phone call the very next day, explained my issue, the chap broke down the process and explained what was going to happen which was a nice touch as I like to know what the next steps are. Once I agreed to go ahead, he took a payment (£30 as a deposit, I guess) and arranged for FedEx to come collect my console. Their online portal as a section where you can track your repair and that reassured me and stopped me from having to ring them every day enquiring about “my baby”. A couple of days later the engineer took the time to call me to tell me that there was no fault with my PS4 and that it was working, I appreciated that because he could have pretended that he fixed it to charge me the full repair fee which he didn’t. I got my PS4 the very next day. All in all a very efficient, trust worthy, reliable, profession, stress-free, puts your mind at rest kind of service! Well done! C.

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