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We are UK console specialists and Playstation 3 consoles have been our most common repair of the last gen consoles.

We carry out repairs for both public and business customers, serving the whole UK with the award winning DPD courier service. We also serve our local customers who can visit us in our fully kitted industrial unit based just outside of York city centre.

Below we list the most common repairs that we carry out to the PS3. We repair to the highest industry standards using the best quality parts. No job is too big or small and we also specialise in soldering services meaning that we can help where some other people can't.

So whether the HDMI port has been damaged, or the PS3 has stopped reading games, you can be confident that our service is well placed to repair your console.  

Playstation 3 Fat Yellow Light Of Death / YLOD

You power on your PS3, the fans start but then the power light goes from green - flashes yellow then back to a red flashing light. Your console may also "beep" 3 times. This is known as the Playstation 3 YLOD. This is a problem with the GPU chip in your console, and needs to be booked in for repair. This is also the most common problem we repair with over 60% of all consoles that come through our doors having this problem.

Playstation 3 Fat not reading discs / crashing during game play

Do your games take ages to load or not load at all? Do your games seem to stall, lose sound quality and freeze all together during play? Then you have an issue with the Blu-ray laser in your console and need to book your Playstation 3 repair.

Playstation 3 Fat No output on TV or HDMI problems

This could be due to one of 2 problems, either a software issue, or a problem with the ports on your console. Either way, we can repair this issue so book your Playstation 3 repair.

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