Laptop DC Port Repair
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Laptop DC Port Repair

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Laptop DC Port repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>Laptop not charging
>DC port is physically damaged

The Gamer-Tech Service

>Free DPD delivery
>Free DPD collection label. Pack the device yourself and drop off at a DPD pickup shop. Find your nearest shop here 
>Or DPD can come to your door with a secure box to package the device for you for £14.99
>Laptop repair turnaround vary depending on the repair - see below for more details
>Online tracking to keep you up to date and regular status email updates 
>Quality repairs from very experienced technicians
>90 day warranty for your piece of mind

What causes the Laptop DC port fault?

The main reason we see Laptop DC port faults coming in are caused by accidental damage. We have found foreign objects inside the port and ports that have been bent by being jolted whilst plugged into the cable.

Overtime, the plugging and unplugging of the plugs can cause the metal pins to stop making a proper contact and then the device will not take charge.

How do we repair the Laptop DC port fault?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the laptop to confirm the fault.  We then proceed to open the laptop and gain access to the internals. We clean out any dust and grime as we go.

We inspect the internal parts to see where the fault lies. You can normally tell by a visual inspection if the port is damaged from the socket side  

We will then de-solder the old port and solder a new one down. We will test the connections and the integrity of the port before reassembling the laptop and then it is passed down to the testing bench.

Laptop Repair Turnaround Times

Laptop turnaround times can vary widely due to the complexities of the repairs. Unlike consoles or phones where there are a small amount of parts that we can keep on stock and therefore offer quick turnaround times, there are thousands of different models of laptops so it is impossible to keep all parts in stock. 

Another issue is part supply. Most manufacturers do not sell parts, so we have to source them through 3rd parties. Unfortunately there isn't a one stop shop for all parts so sometimes we have to spend time sourcing them. There are also times when a part is only available from overseas - China and the US being the main options. Shipping from these countries can take a month, sometimes more so would lead to a long turnaround time. 

Please be assured that we will keep you up to date on part orders for your laptop, and will let you know if we have to order from abroad. You will always have the option to decline a repair if the wait time is too long for you. 

More straight forward repairs will be completed quickly.

If you have a particular concern about the turnaround time, please reach out to us and we will give you a more accurate ETA before you place an order with us. Please have the make and model number of your laptop to hand. 

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