Wii U Gamepad Button or Thumbstick Repair

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Wii U Gamepad Button or Thumbstick repair. Is this the right repair for you?

> Wii U Gamepad button not responding
> Wii U thumbstick not responding
> Wii U thumbstick drifting to one direction

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What causes the Wii U Gamepad buttons or thumbstick to fail?

The main reason we see Wii U Gamepad with button faults coming in is natural wear and tear. Repeated use can cause the buttons to stick and not respond properly. Thumbsticks can also fail over time. Sometimes the sticks may continually pull to one direction when it should be in a neutral position. 

If all buttons are unresponsive, rather than just a couple, it is more than likely a problem with the touchscreen. If the touchscreen on the Wii U Gamepad is faulty it can stop all the buttons from working too. If this is happening with your gamepad, you should book it in under the Nintendo WII U LCD repair option.

How do we repair the Wii U Gamepad?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault.  We then proceed to open the Gamepad and gain access to the internals. We clean out any dust and grime as we go.

We inspect the internal parts to see where the fault lies. 

We will then swap the old part and fit a new one. We will test the connections and the integrity of the buttons or thumbstick before reassembling the Wii U Gamepad and it is passed down to the testing bench.

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