Nintendo Wii U Laser Repair
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Nintendo Wii U Laser Repair

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Nintendo Wii U laser replacement. Is this the right repair for you?

>Wii U accepts discs but doesn't load them
>Wii U displays "Insert Disc" even though there is a disc inside
>Error codes

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What causes the Nintendo Wii U laser fault?

The laser diode in all consoles, not just the Wii U, deteriorates over time to the point that they no longer read discs. The strength and focus of the laser beam reduces with use. 

Sometimes physical damage can happen to the Wii U laser lens. If the console is moved or knocked while a disc is spinning inside, it can cause it to make contact with the laser lens and damage it. You may also notice a circular scratch on the disc when this happens. It isn't a laser burn as some people have documented online as the laser isn't that strong. 

There has also been times where updates have caused issues with lasers too. Googling the error code shown can give more information. 

** We always recommend trying a few discs prior to booking this repair in to rule out a damaged disc. If you're having problems with one disc it may be that which is at fault **

How do we repair the Nintendo Wii U laser?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault. We then proceed to open the console and gain access to the disc drive.

We inspect the mechanism of the disc drive to rule that out as a fault. If all is okay with the drive mechanism we swap the whole laser assembly for a new one. 

We reassemble the Wii U at the repair desk and give it an initial test. The Wii U is passed down to the main testing bench where all consoles are stress tested and all functions checked. 

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