Our Fix To Common PS4 Problems Gamers Should Know

Published : 04/01/2021 15:41:43
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Our Fix To Common PS4 Problems Gamers Should Know

Now that everyone is in a merry mood thanks to the holidays, it’s the perfect time to spend a few days off and catch up with your dusting games for your PlayStation 4. However, there are plenty of hardware issues that can make the experience an entire buzzkill. Some breakdowns happen more frequently than others, such as the following:


PS4 Repair #1: Running Out of Storage Space


The newer PS4 models, including the slim and pro versions, come with an impressive internal storage capacity of up to 1TB. This leaves ample room for triple AAA games, allowing you to download your favorites without having to delete them after completing the game just to make space for new ones.


However, players with a 500GB internal drive will likely run into storage problems frequently, forcing them to delete old games to make way for updates and fresher titles. Fortunately, you can swap out your PS4’s internal storage with any 2.5-inch drive without messing with your warranty.


You can also connect the console to a USB external hard drive as a cost-friendlier alternative.


PS4 Repair #2: Disc Read and Application Errors


When you experience disc read errors, it often means there’s damage in the disc itself. You’ll spot the error as code CE-35486-6, though a similar error known as CE-34878-0 can also manifest.


You can try to fix the problem by reinstalling the game or restart the PS4 by holding the power button for 30 seconds. Be sure to unplug it and let it rest for two minutes before powering it back up again.


Installing the latest updates can also be a quick fix to this common issue, but if the application errors persist, it’s best to have it exchanged since it is likely a defective disc.


PS4 Repair #3: Blinking Blue Light


Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for the blue LED light on the side of your PS4 to turn from blue to white. This means the console has booted properly, but if the LED light continues to pulse blue, then the culprit could point to a faulty video output.


Some hacks to treat the problem include running a firmware update on your TV, which should eliminate any hardware compatibility issues. You can also check if your HDMI cable is working properly, or if your console’s hard drive is still in its proper place inside your console.


The Bottom Line: Get Your Console Ready and Fix Your Faulty PS4 for Good!


There’s no doubt that gamers worldwide spend hours-on-end playing their favorite PS4 titles, especially over the holidays. In case you run into common PS4 problems, don’t let it bog you down since there is a community that can help resolve a wide range of issues so your console can work well as new.


Why Choose Gamer Tech to Repair your Console?


Dealing with a malfunctioning console can take anyone out of a gaming mood, but there’s no need to chuck your PS4 out and miss out on the latest triple-A releases just yet! Here at Gamer Tech, we offer some of the best PS4 repairs in the UK.


You can also sell your broken PS4 to us. Get in touch with us and see what we can do to get you back in the game!

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