Xbox One S Slim Firmware Fault
  • Xbox One S Slim Firmware Fault

Xbox One S Slim Green Screen, Black Screen, Error Codes or Software Fault

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Xbox One S Slim Green Screen Fault. Is this the right repair for you?

>Xbox One stuck on green load up screen
>Xbox One S Slim freezes on boot up
>Screen goes from green to black and freezes
>Error codes shown on start up

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What causes the Xbox One S Slim Green Screen of Death fault?

Due to the technology of hard drives (HDD) and software they can unfortunately fail. Bad updates can cause issues as can problems with game saves. Sometimes an Xbox One HDD corruption can be caused by the user though - a bad drop or liquid damage for example. Also, anyone who tries modding their console can cause issues with both the HDD or firmware.

Every time an Xbox One S Slim is turned on it connects with Microsoft's servers as part of its boot up procedure. It checks if there are any updates and sometimes it is this part that goes wrong. Updates are transmitted via the internet and this can sometimes fail.

Some error codes we have seen are:

E200 (and E201 - 209)

These numbers are followed by various formats of 0000xxxx


How do we repair the Xbox One S Slim stuck on the green screen?

Sometimes we can rescue the HDD that is already installed and this for the price quoted above. Sometimes (around 30% of the time) the actual HDD is corrupt beyond repair and will need to be replaced. The Xbox One HDD are not easily swappable as Microsoft have their own custom software on the HDD. We have the experience and necessary tools to replace the HDD if needed. 

If the HDD needs replacement it will be at an additional cost. Please call to confrim the latest price as they change frequently. 

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