Xbox 360 Drive Mechanism Repair

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Xbox 360 mechanism repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>Xbox drive won't open
>Xbox drive makes a grinding noise
>Disc track disloged or phsically damaged

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What causes the Xbox 360 drive mechanism fault?

The main reason we see Xbox 360 consoles with drive faults is accidental damage. As they are designed with a disc drawer that opens out, anything passing can knock it and dislodge it. We often hear that pets and young children are the culprits. 

Dust can also cause problems with the Xbox drive sticking and stop it from opening. The internal mechanics can often get clogged up with dust and hair and a full service is needed. Any parts that have worn, such as the motor belt or worm gear, may also become stiff causing problems with the laser movement and drive tray sticking. 

One last reason is general wear and tear. Many of the Xbox 360 DVD drive's internal components are made of plastic so can become worn. Motors that move the disc can wear out too and the bearings can go causing the motors to become stiff.

How do we repair the Xbox 360?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault. We clean out any dust as we go. We then proceed to open the Xbox 360 and gain access to the disc drive. 

We inspect the internal parts, gears and motors to see where the fault lies. Any faulty parts are replaced, the Xbox drive mechanism is realigned, fully serviced and tested out. We will test our repair a number of times on our testing bench prior to releasing it for dispatch. 

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Kanchan Gurung's enquiry was :

my Xbox tray is wont close.

Kanchan Gurung's comments about your service are :

I would definitely recommend to others.I like the online chat`s quick and effective .

    Very quick

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    Response Time : 5
    Helpful : 5
    Knowledgeable : 5
    Competitive : 5
    Likely to Recommend : 5

    Charlie Jackson's enquiry was :

    The tray is jammed and will not open

    Charlie Jackson's comments about your service are :

    Very quick hassle free service many thanks ...

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