PS3 Playstation 3 Slim Drive Mechanism Repair

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PS3 drive mechanism repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>PS3 drive won't accept discs
>PS3 drive makes a grinding noise
>Foreign objects inserted in the drive

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What causes the PS3 drive mechanism fault?

The main reason we see Playstation 3 with drive faults coming in are caused by accidental damage. If any pressure is put on the PS3 console where the disc drive is, it can cause the housing of the drive to bend preventing discs from being inserted properly. 

Sometimes the younger members of the family can mistake the PS3 disc slot as a letterbox. We have found a huge range of objects inside drives from fridge magenets and coins to half-eaten jam sandwiches, playing cards etc. This can cause all sort sof issues and sometimes can damage the laser too. 

One last reason is general wear and tear. Many of the PS3 Blu-ray drive's internal components are made of plastic so can become worn. Motors that move the disc can wear out and the bearings can go causing the motors to become stiff.

How do we repair the PS3?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault. We clean out any dust as we go. We then proceed to open the PS3 and gain access to the disc drive. 

We inspect the internal parts, gears and motors to see where the fault lies. Any faulty parts are replaced, the PS3 mechanism is realigned and tested out. We will test the PlayStation a number of times on our testing bench prior to releasing it for dispatch. 

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Karen Jordan's enquiry was :

Model no cech3003a This console is not sucking in discs can you suggest anything

Karen Jordan's comments about your service are :

very fast turnaround thankyou

    terrific service

    The following scores out of 5 where given (0 = lowest / 5 = highest)

    Response Time : 5
    Helpful : 4
    Knowledgeable : 4
    Competitive : 5
    Likely to Recommend : 5

    Gareth's enquiry was :

    ps3 not accepting discs

    Gareth's comments about your service are :

    telephone rep needs to be a bit more telephone friendly. very monotone voice. other than than, terrific service. 3 days turnaround. amazing

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