Playstation 3 Slim HDMI Port Repair
  • Playstation 3 Slim HDMI Port Repair

PS3 Playstation 3 Slim HDMI Port Repair

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PS3 Slim HDMI replacement. Is this the right repair for you?

>PS3 HDMI port loose
>PS3 HDMI port bent pins
>If the port looks okay it could be a problem on the motherboard
>In all cases check the AV output works

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What causes the PS3 Slim HDMI fault?

The most common reason we hear is that the PS3 has been dropped or knocked while plugged in. This causes the HDMI cable to yank out and physically damage the port. It can also happen while plugging in the cable. The ports are quite delicate so if the HDMI cable isn't plugged in carefully to the PS3 Slim it can cause damage. 

There are other faults that can cause the HDMI output not to work too. If  the port looks physically fine and isnt wiggling around, it coul dbe the contolling IC chip on the motherboard. We can swap this too but sometimes it can be a general hardware fault on the motherboard. 

If the consolse doesn't output on AV and you have tried the AV reset (see our video of how to do it) and it still doesn't work, it could be a problem with the GPU. The same fault that causes YLOD can cause the PS3 to have no output too. This would cause the output to fail on all connections.

How do we repair the PS3 Slim HDMI port?

To repair this fault we need to carefully strip the console down to the motherboard. From there, we desolder the old HDMI port. The port is attached by many pins that are through hole soldered. Once the old port is removed, the solder pads of the logic board are inspected for damage. If the original port is really badly yanked this can cause damage to the motherboard and in some circumstances could be beyond repair (although that is very rarely the case).

Once we have cleaned up the board and prepped the solder pads for the new port we solder the new HDMI port to the PS3. We reassemble the console and it goes down to our testing bench where all consoles are tested for at least 4 hours.

Please note if the serial number on the PS3 Slim is a 3000 model, for example has a 3 in the position indicated - ##-########-#######-cech-3003b, then we may be unable to obtain the part to repair it as they are incredibly rare. Please call or email before booking in to check the latest stock levels.

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