What You Should Do When Your Phone Ends Up In Some Water

Published : 23/11/2020 09:47:14
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What You Should Do When Your Phone Ends Up In Some Water

Dropping a phone in water: If there was a five-word horror story that would have anyone crying, cowering, and stressing out, it would definitely be this.


As much as most of us wouldn’t want to admit it, the truth is that we’re all dependent on our smartphones. Whether they’re in our hands, our pockets, or on our bedside tables, life today would be completely tilted if mobiles were to suddenly disappear without a trace.


Unfortunately, the same feeling of having a phone disappear without a trace can happen to most York residents because it also manifests in the form of dropping a phone in water.


What to do when your phone drowns


No matter how commonplace this event is, the problem is that most people don’t know what to do when their nightmare comes true. Thankfully, it is very much possible to prevent a complete death if you know what to do once the situation arises. In fact, it isn’t too difficult to act quickly once you’re well aware of what happens next.


At this point, let’s go over the step-by-step process that you’ll need to follow after you pull your phone out of the water to restore it to perfect working shape:


Step #1: Turn it off and empty it out


The first step you’ll need to take when you pick your phone out of the water is to turn it completely off and remove both the SIM and memory cards. Turning your phone off and pulling out the cards immediately will help prevent any type of electrical current from ruining the whole system while the water lingers in the unit.


If your phone is turned off, it is critical to avoid the temptation of turning it on because doing so will automatically break the phone beyond the point of no return.


Step #2: Air dry your trusty device


Generally, there are many misconceptions that surround the drying phase after a phone gets forcibly waterboarded by clumsiness or carelessness.


For many years, smartphone owners believe that methods like the “dry rice approach”, blowing a phone (which can lead to even worse issues), using a hairdryer, and even using a microwave would suffice. However, the reality is that the only solution that works in the York climate would be the good old-fashioned “air dry” approach.


After patting your phone dry with highly-absorbent tissues, you’ll need to get everything out in the open so there is as much air passing through the components as possible. By taking out all the removable items and letting Mother Nature do its magic, it’ll be much easier to minimise the risk of damage once you open your phone again.


If you want to accelerate the drying time, you’ll need to put your device in a place that has great air circulation or somewhere that’s well-ventilated!


Step #3: Send your device to Gamer Tech for repairs


While most smartphone owners believe that air-drying and pulling out components will suffice in bringing the phone back to life, it’s worth noting that the best results stem from professional intervention.


Once you’ve dried everything off, get in touch with Gamer Tech so that we can take delivery of your deviceand get to work on it right away so that no issues occur. Letting our professionals take over will make for a valuable opportunity because we’ll use professional methods to ensure that your phone has its best chance of going back to normal in no time!




Having your phone suddenly dive into the water is undoubtedly a nightmare, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll need to get a new device one right away. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll give your phone the best fighting chance it has of making a full recovery by acting promptly and carrying out all the right steps!


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