2DS Charging Port Replacement

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2DS Charge Port Replacement. Is this the right repair for you?

>Charging port physically damaged
>Port feels loose when the charger is plugged in

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>Courier Collection available
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>Express Service option for same day repair
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What causes the 2DS charging port fault?

The most common problem that we see is accidental damage. Using the 2DS whilst it is plugged into the charger can cause the port to be jarred or wiggled around and either bend the pins in the port or lift its connections from the motherboard.  

How do we repair the 2DS charging port?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the 2DS to confirm the fault. Most of the time, just a visual inspection can confirm that the port is damaged. 

We then have to take the back panel off the 2DS to gain access to the motherboard. We then carefully desolder the old port and inspect the solder pads. If the console has been very heavily handled it can damage the solder pads on the motherboard which could prevent a successful repair. This is a rare occurance though.

Once the solder pads are cleaned up, we solder down a new port. We then test the strength and integrity of the solder connections and reassemble the unit.

The 2DS then goes to our testing bench where we test all repairs prior to dispatch 

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