What to Do If Your Xbox One Isn't Reading Discs

Published : 30/11/2020 11:00:32
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What to Do If Your Xbox One Isn't Reading Discs

Opening up the box of your Xbox One when it first arrives is an incredibly exciting feeling you’d probably want to live over again and again. This high-performing console has received numerous praise for its ability to deliver a seamless gaming experience, making it a worthy purchase. It’s always a thrilling moment to unbox a long-awaited package, after all, especially when it has rave reviews.


However, like many other consoles, it may run into specific problems. One of the most common issues with the Xbox One and the primary reason people seek Xbox repairs in the UK is that it sometimes does not read game discs and Blu-ray movies. Luckily, it’s an issue that you may be able to fix yourself; if not, it’s an affordable repair job that our team at Gamer Tech can do for you.


Whether your disc drive refuses to take discs or you see an error code, here’s what you need to know about Xbox Ones and disc drive problems:


The Main Causes of Disc Drive Failure on the Xbox One


There are a few common causes of disc drive problems in your Xbox One. The most common one is a faulty laser in your console. Sometimes, the laser is just dirty and requires thorough cleaning to get it up and running again. However, you’ll probably need to replace it entirely as a dirty laser may result in recurring problems in the future.


The Xbox One’s disc drive consists of numerous components like gears, rollers, screws, and levers. If any of these parts break, the disc drive cannot read your discs properly. To identify the exact piece that malfunctioned, you’ll have to disassemble the drive and inspect them one by one. Doing this is risky, especially if you’re new to taking things apart, so you may want to take it to a repair specialist.


If you’ve had your Xbox One for a while, there’s a good chance that it accumulated dirt, hair, and other debris from your home. If you’ve had pets that roam near your console, their fur may be blocking your drive from reading discs correctly, as it may have fallen onto your discs, entering the system when you insert them. As a result, the rollers or laser get dirty, making them unable to read the disc.


Repair Options to Fix Your Xbox One


Fortunately, there are a few options available for you to repair your disc drive. If your console is still under warranty, then your best option would be to send it over for warranty repairs. You can also take it back to the store to exchange or return it.


If you’re familiar enough with such machines, you can attempt a DIY repair. You can clean all your game and Blu-ray discs to make sure they’re dirt- and debris-free, then try to insert them into your console. However, taking it apart will void your warranty, so this is your best option for a DIY solution.


However, the best way to fix your disc drive is to pursue Xbox repairs in the UK. A professional repair shop will restore your disc drive to perfection without risking or harming your console.


What to Do If You Don’t Seek Repairs


Some people prefer not to get their console repaired due to many reasons, such as financial constraints. In most cases, you won’t experience further problems, as you can still play games as long as they’re digital downloads. Luckily, you can still enjoy your Xbox One, although you cannot take advantage of its disc drive function until you have it repaired.




No one enjoys a malfunctioning game console, especially when it’s brand new and right out of the box. However, these common issues are easy to fix, and repair shops are well-versed in resolving them. By keeping this guide in mind, you’ll know what to do if your Xbox One isn’t reading discs.


Gamer Tech is an established repair company that offers Xbox repairs in the UK. We also repair other consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch along with Apple and Android products. Contact us today to restore your device to perfection!

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