How To Fix Common Xbox Series X and S Problems Correctly - A Gamer Tech Guide

Published : 23/03/2021 09:04:24
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How To Fix Common Xbox Series X and S Problems Correctly - A Gamer Tech Guide

The Xbox Series X/S is arguably one of the most sought-after consoles out there. However, like any video game unit, you can run into some issues. Thus, you should know how to address them properly, and you shouldn’t resort to turning it off and on again, just like most gamers do.


If you fail to address these issues, you may even be forced to sell it, even when you can find Xbox repairs near you. As such, for you to be properly oriented, use this article as your guide to know what you have to do.


What Should I Do When My Xbox Has 4K or 120HZ Display Problems?


Currently, you may be using a 4K/120Hz television with VRR compatibility. It means you are susceptible to viewing corrupted images and have no signal readings, even when your Xbox is configured to support 4K120 + VRR.


The main issues seem to be with particular brands of TVs, like LG, Vizio, and Samsung. Luckily, you can easily update your TV with the latest firmware and ensure Internet connectivity for automatic updates. If the problem persists, you need to follow these tips:


  •        Set up your console for 4K/60 with VRR by selecting the “allow variable refresh rate” option. You can access this through the settings menu, TV & display options, and video modes.
  •        If you have an issue with corrupted images, you should restart your Xbox and configure the video modes as stated in the previous section. Then, check if it works upon reboot. If not, display the VRR.
  •        If all else fails, you must go for a video mode reset sequence to get to a default state. Once reset, try to set up your console and select “allow variable refresh rates.” You can also follow the “reset your display setting.”


What Should I Do When My Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting?


If your controller keeps disconnecting, you may assume that the problem has something to do with your battery levels. While some issues do correlate with it, they most often can be resolved if you manually connect it. Just remember to use the appropriate charging cable and try restarting your controller. Bring your Xbox to repair specialists if the problem continues.


What Should I Do When My Xbox Has Game Clip Issues?


If, for some reason, you have game clip problems, you may have to wait a bit for any updates because Microsoft is still working on some of the most common issues. For instance, you may have a trim fail error when you are cutting 4K videos. You may also have a problem with sharing 4K videos on Twitter, especially if you have an Xbox Series X. These inconveniences, alongside related issues, are still under further assessment. Luckily, you can opt for 1080p game clips, which you can easily access through the settings menu.


What Should I Do When My Xbox Has Disc Drive-Related Malfunctions?


You may be experiencing weird clicking noises and certain discs not processing when you use your Xbox. Sometimes, you may also have problems with struck discs, whether struck fully or partially. Unfortunately, there’s no self-repair solution for this. Even Microsoft recommends bringing it for repairs. Therefore, you should consult a repair specialist, especially if disc drive issues are recurring. But don't forget you may be covered by the manufacturers warranty so do check. 




Xbox series X/S issues can affect your gaming experience, especially if they are recurring. While you have a better idea of addressing common problems, you may still run into mishaps later on. Therefore, you should consider bringing it to professionals, like our team, to ensure your video game sessions are uninterrupted and fun!


Are you in need of the most reliable Xbox series X/S repairs in York, UK? Bring your console to our team at Gamer Tech. We are a well-established repair solutions company, giving you the best options to tune up your device. You can also sell your broken Xbox to ensure you get some extra money for your efforts. Get your unit checked out today!


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