Gamer Tech - 4 Tips To Fix A Mac That Isn't Booting Up - Our Self Help Guide

Published : 10/05/2020 15:35:19
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Gamer Tech - 4 Tips To Fix A Mac That Isn't Booting Up - Our Self Help Guide

As much as we wish our Macs were immune to any problem the world could throw at it, sometimes, we run into unfortunate circumstances. But perhaps the biggest heart-attack you might receive from our Macs is the moment you press the power button and it doesn’t turn on. Is the Mac broken? Do you need to buy a brand new one?


There are many reasons why your Mac might not be switching on, but since you are at home with some free time, here is what you can do to investigate:


1. Check the video connection

If you are using an external monitor, chances are that your Mac or MacBook is turning on, it’s just that the connection between the laptop and the monitor might be loose. So, unplug and plug the cables into both the monitor and the Mac or MacBook. After that, see if the monitor turns on. If not, also check if the monitor is connected to a power source and that the power source is working and switched on.


2. Check the hardware


Sometimes, if you were fiddling with your Mac's components, such as upgrading the RAM, hard drive, and the like, that could be the reason why your Mac is not powering up. For this situation, try to reset anything you have changed out and try again. If that does not work, connect it back to its old components to make sure it is not the new hardware causing the problem.


If none of that works, unplug all the peripherals, such as your mouse, keyboard, and so on, and then try to boot it up.


3. Check that the power's plugged


Sometimes, the reason your Mac is not powering is simply because it’s not connected to a power source or that, if it is a MacBook, its battery has run out. If the battery has indeed run dry, leave it plugged for a few minutes before trying again. If that does not work, it might either be your charger or the power outlet. If you have a spare charger, switch it out, and try again. If that does not work, try another power outlet.


Again, leave it connected for a few minutes before trying to switch it back on. If it still does not turn on, the problem may lie elsewhere.


4. Carry out a hard restart


If your Mac does turn on but does not seem to respond at all, you might need to carry out a hard restart, or a power cycle.


To do this for your Mac, shut it off, unplug it from its power source, and press the power button. This should drain most if not all the power out of your system, effectively power-cycling it. Then, connect it back and switch it back on.


If you are doing this on your MacBook, press and hold the power button. It is going to force it to restart right away. However, if your laptop does have a removable battery, remove it and press the power button like what you would do on the Mac. This should drain it from its power before reconnecting it to a power source ten seconds later.




We hope that, with this guide, you’ve managed to power up your Mac or MacBook and get your work done. If none of these still work, we highly recommend that you send your computer to a repair shop for fixing. Chances are that the underlying cause of the problem may require thorough analysis and fix from professional hands.


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