Gamer Tech - 3 Common PS4 Issues and What You Can Do to Fix Them

Published : 26/10/2020 09:33:20
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Gamer Tech - 3 Common PS4 Issues and What You Can Do to Fix Them

Anyone who has ever had a gaming console understands the joy of owning one, as it can provide thousands of hours of entertainment and helps bring people together. Unfortunately, these consoles, including their accessories, do not last forever. Time takes a toll on everything, and even a PS4 is not immune to problems.


With that said, here are a few common problems your PS4 can face and what you can do to fix them.


1. Connection issues


One of the most common problems people face when using their PS4s is being unable to connect to the PlayStation network. However, in many cases, the PS4 is not at fault. Sometimes, it is their internet connection that is preventing the console from connecting to the network.


One of the things you can try is to power down your PS4 and unplug it from the power source. After that, unplug your router (if you have access and permission). After waiting for a few minutes, plug the router back in. Once you can see that the internet is working again, plug the PS4 and switch it back on.


If this does not work, the next thing you can try is to change the DNS settings in your PS4. Another thing you can do is tell your PS4 to "forget the network." Once done, reconnect to the network to establish a connection.


Note that the problem can also lie on Sony's side. You can find out whether the PlayStation network is up by going to their website and checking. It will tell you about any network issues that might be preventing you from connecting.


2. Problematic HDMI ports


Your television or monitor might not display anything, even with the PS4 connected and turned on. In many cases, the problem lies in the HDMI ports. Sometimes, the HDMI port itself is damaged, unable to connect to the HDMI cable. Other times, the HDMI cable is at fault, unable to transmit data to the screen.


To determine the problem, check the back of your PS4 and screen to assess the condition of the ports. If they look damaged, use another port. Otherwise, try another HDMI cable and see if that works. If you find out that the HDMI port is damaged, you can try to bend it back down carefully.


3. DualShock analogue stick damage


Your PS4 controllers will face plenty of wear and tear since they are the parts you interact with the most. Over time, this can lead to problems, such as a torn rubber or a controller that is not as responsive.


If you find that the analogue sticks have damaged rubber parts, a simple fix is to purchase new covers. There are plenty to choose from in the market, and some are textured for extra grip. If the controller itself is the issue, you may need to clean it a bit. Remove as much dirt and grime from the controllers as possible, taking care not to damage any of its components.




Keep these tips in mind if you experience problems with your PS4. If none of them work, and nothing else you did seems to show any results, consider sending the problematic device to a repair shop. They can quickly take apart your console or accessories to identify the root of the issue and fix it right back up!


Gamer Tech provides repairs for consoles and other faulty devices. If you need PS4 repairs in the UK, contact us today!

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