3 Fixes You Can Try to Address Your Switch's Charging Issue

Published : 14/10/2020 09:19:40
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3 Fixes You Can Try to Address Your Switch's Charging Issue

As much as you would want all the devices you buy to last forever without a single issue, problems can sometimes happen and prevent you from using them. This can be said about many products, including your Nintendo Switch.


Your Switch may have performed correctly with no issues when you first bought it. However, as time goes by, you may start to notice issues pop up here and there. One of the problems that can be the most detrimental relates to charging issues. After all, if you cannot charge the device, it is not going to run.


If you are facing a charging problem with your Switch, here are a few things you can do to try and fix it:


1. Use different cables


The first possible issue with your device not charging could be the cables. The cables may have been damaged somehow, preventing power to travel through and into your Switch's battery.


Note that Nintendo has warned against the use of third-party USB-C cables, as these cannot charge the device reliably. They also state that the use of a third-party cable can also run the risk of permanently damaging your Switch.


That being said, use another USB-C cable (make sure it is an official one for the console), and see whether it charges. If that does not work, it could be another problem.


2. Reset the adapter


Try resetting your adapter if you find that your Switch does not seem to switch on from its sleeping mode. To reset your AC adapter, place the Joycons onto the Switch, unplug the AC adapter for half a minute, then reconnect the USB-C into the Switch. If nothing happens, you may have to try resetting the console itself.


3. Try a different power bank


If you find that the Switch charges when plugged into the wall but not when connected to a power bank, it may be because the power bank cannot pump out enough power to charge it. Then again, power banks are known to charge slowly and can even damage the Switch.


If you need to use a power bank to charge your device on the go, make sure it is one that supports USB-C to USB-C. Also, make sure it outputs 2.6A and 5V-15V, the same as the official adapter for the Switch. If nothing changes, even with the right power bank, there might be a more severe problem at hand.




There are many issues that might prevent your Switch from charging, including using the wrong USB-C cables and using a third-party dock. If none of the tips we have shared with you has worked so far, there may be a more severe problem on your hands.


To ensure your device is fixed correctly and safely, we highly recommend sending your Switch in for repairs. While you can send it to one of Nintendo's official repair stores, we highly recommend going for expert third-party repair specialists. They can do as good a job as the official repair store for a fraction of the price. Plus, you will gain their warranty, meaning that if the issue resurfaces, you can get it fixed again without extra cost.


Are you looking for a trustworthy Nintendo Switch repair service in the UK? Gamer Tech can provide you with the repair specialists you need to get your Switch fixed. Get in touch with us today!


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