2 Easy Ways You Can Remove a Disk Stuck In Your PS4

Published : 26/07/2020 13:18:29
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2 Easy Ways You Can Remove a Disk Stuck In Your PS4

Have you ever had to punch a vending machine in anger because something got stuck inside it? Well, the same thing can happen with a PlayStation 4 console. A game disc might get stuck inside, preventing you from playing anything else and increasing the likelihood of damaging. Please don't punch your PS4 though!


If you find that a disc is stuck inside your PS4, what can you do to remove it? There are a few methods that you can try out, and here are two of them:


1. Intact Method


This first method will not require you to take apart your console, so this should be your go-to option when attempting to remove a stuck disc.


To do this, start by turning your PS4 off completely. This means holding down the power button until the PS4 turns off, unplugging it from the power source, and removing any other connections.


Once the PS4 is entirely free from any wires, stand it upright to allow the disc to stand vertically. Hold the device in that position for approximately half an hour before carefully resting it back down. Reconnect all the wires and boot it into safe mode by pressing the power button down for about eight seconds.


If the disc comes out, then you’re in luck. Most discs somehow get stuck in the PS4 when it is resting in a horizontal position. Sitting the console vertically allows a stuck disc to come loose, allowing it to be ejected when you boot the console into safe mode.


2. Take-Apart Method


If the first method did not give you any good results, you would need to get down and dirty. Here, you will be taking apart your PS4. Do be careful since the PS4 is not exactly cheap, and we would like for you not to damage anything in the process accidentally.


To take apart your PS4, start by removing the shiny cover on the console. It should pop out easily. From there, look around for the screw between the vents. Once you find it, grab a screwdriver to remove it. After a few twists, you should see the disc slowly come out. Grab the disc and then slowly remove it. Retighten the screw then put the cover back on.




If any of the above methods worked for you, then you have just saved yourself a trip to the repair shop. However, if none of these methods gave you the results you need, we highly recommend that you send it to a repair shop anyway.


There might be a more severe problem with the PS4, and it will require a little more expertise to get the disc out. That said, pick a repair shop that is trustworthy and reliable. Not only will this guarantee that you will get a job well done, but you will also get additional benefits like warranties that will allow you to save even more money in the future.


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