Stick Drift Issues With Your Joy-Con? Here Are 3 Ways To Fix It

Published : 22/06/2020 10:33:35
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Stick Drift Issues With Your Joy-Con? Here Are 3 Ways To Fix It

Do you find your in-game characters walking left, right, up, or down without you touching the Joy-Con at all? Before you go ahead and purchase a new controller, know that the problem might still be fixed.


These problems are usually caused by minor issues with your controller, and while fixing them might be easier said than done, doing so (or at least trying to) is definitely worth the trouble.


To help you avoid having to buy a new controller for your Nintendo Switch and save you money, here are a few fixes that you can try:


1. Recalibrate the Joy-Con


The first thing you can do to your Joy-Con is to recalibrate it in your Nintendo Switch. This way, the software can compensate for the drift and possibly fix the problem.


To do this, go to your system settings on the switch and click on "Controllers and Sensors." From there, click the update button and start the process. With that done, you can go to "Calibrate Control Sticks" to recalibrate the Joy-Con. Once you are in, choose the stick you want to calibrate and follow the instructions. The drifting problem should then be fixed at that point.


If this works for you, that’s great! You have just saved yourself plenty of money. If it doesn’t, however, the next two suggestions might do the trick. Just note that doing these may void the warranty, so if you don’t want that to happen, you will need to send your controller to an official repair store. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk.


2. Clean the Joy-Con


To clean your Joy-Con, start by cleaning the contacts. However, you should only ever do this if you have a professional switch contact cleaner or high purity (99%) isopropanol alcohol (IPA); anything else, and you might break the controller. Also, you will need a small tool like a toothpick to lift the rubber skirt that is connected to the Joy-Con stick to place the cleaning solution in.


So, how does this work? Simply push against the affected stick on one side and lift the rubber skirt with the tool. Then, apply some of the professional switch contact cleaners under it. Once you’ve done that, move the stick around in all directions to let the fluid coat and clean everything. Once you have thoroughly massaged the stick, leave it to dry.


If this works, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, you might want to try again or simply give the controller to a professional repair person so they can fix it.


3. Repair the Joy-Con


You might be considering repairing the Joy-Con all by yourself. Well, it takes a professional to do this, and if you are not one, we highly recommend that you send it to a repair shop instead. That is because, once you dismantle it, there is a considerable risk that you will make things worse.


If you want to try to fix it by yourself, do a lot of research beforehand and gather the necessary tools. Then, proceed with the maximum amount of caution.




If any of the above tips worked for you, congratulations. If none of them did, then we recommend that you send the controller over to a reliable third-party Nintendo Switch repair store.


Why not the official store you may ask? That is because they are costly. To add to this, a third-party repair shop offers the same (and sometimes, higher) level of expertise as an official service centre. This means they can fix your Nintendo Switch issue no matter what it might be, and they’ll also offer you a brand new warranty to cover their service.


Are you looking for a Nintendo Switch repair service in the UK? Gamer Tech can offer you the service you need. We are experts at what we do, and whatever problem your switch might have, we will do our best to have it fixed! Contact us now.

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