iPad Mini 3 Screen Repair

Published : 03/07/2015 10:02:36
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iPad Mini 3 Screen Repair

About the iPad Mini 3

The iPad Mini 3 model numbers are A1599 for the WiFi only version and A1600 for the Cellular version.

The iPad Mini 3 is the latest model in the iPad series. Released in November 2014 it is "The Best iPad Mini Yet", and one would hope so too. The most notable difference being the introduction of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner seen in all the latest Apple products (which I personally like a lot). 

Full specification available on the Apple website

Apple iPad Mini 3 from a Repair Centre's Perspective

The iPad Mini 3 housing is made from slim metal and leaves the unit vulnerable to damage. There is no space or bezel between the glass screen and the metal surround so any knock to the metal will force pressure onto the glass and can make it crack.

Internally the iPad Mini 3 is amazing to look at but there is no massive difference between this model and earlier models. It is very tidy and compact and most of the internal space is taken by the large battery which is needed to keep this technology running. All the main components are covered by shields which helps prevent damage to them even if the glass is damaged. 

iPad Mini 3 Housing and motherboard
Of course like most products now, these are sealed units - not intended to be opened and tampered with by the end user. Charging ports are soldered to the main board and most parts are glued inside with really strong adhesive. We would only advise attempting a repair if you have experience. 

If the iPad is dropped on the corner and the metal housing is dented, this is sure to impact onto the glass. That is exactly what happened to the iPad we are going to show you. 

Repairing The iPad Mini 3

The outer glass is stuck to the frame by tough adhesive so heat is needed to make it more pliable. Safety specs are a must as the glass can crack more during removal and send glass heading towards your eyes! The screen is attached by FPC connectors on the logic board which is covered by a shield. Once all the glass is removed from the frame and the LCD is lifted up, the shield is unscrewed revealing the connections which we gently separate from the logic board. The Touch ID home button is glued to the screen too so this needs to be removed and transferred to the new screen or your fingerprint wouldn't work anymore.

iPad Mini 3 Cracked Screen

iPad Mini 3 Cracked Screen Close

iPad Mini 3 Screen Connector

Some cheap screens you see on eBay have all the components pre-installed on the screen. We don't use these screens as the components used are 3rd party/fake re-makes that don't always work properly, or have the proper functions of the originals. For example the cover lock sensor is normally missing so it won't work properly. Also the IC chip connector (which connects the glass screen to the motherboard) is a remake which can fail over time and make the screen behave erratically. Because of that we transfer all the original components to the new screen and solder them ourselves to ensure a quality repair. 

iPad Mini 3 Soldering

iPad Mini IC Chip soldering

Once all the relevant components are transferred to the new screen we prepare it for its reassembly into the shell. We use a strong bonding tape and run it all the way round the frame. This means that once the new screen is sealed there it is a good fit without any gaps which should prevent dust from getting inside the iPad Mini 3.  Before sealing the new screen down we have to check the housing for any dents to make sure the new screen fits flush. The corners are where we see most dents. We use special tools to try and get the metal bent back into its original shape. It isn't always perfect though depending on how damaged the housing is to begin with. We will always try our best though to make it look as good as possible.

Once the screen is sealed inside the shell we give everything another test to make sure all is well. It is visually inspected by the repair person to make sure they are happy with it. The iPad is then taken to the test bench where a second party tests all functions and visually inspects the unit. Once it passes both tests it is marked ready for dispatch.

The Final Result

This iPad Mini 3 was in pretty good shape apart from a broken screen, so the end result was a near perfect repair. You could not tell that it had ever been broken as the new screen fitted perfectly. 

iPad Mini 3 Repaired  iPad Mini 3 Touch Test  iPad Mini 3 Close Up

Click the link below if you need your iPad Mini 3 repaired and if you have any comments or suggestions for our blog please use our contact form or leave a comment below. We'd be happy to hear from you.

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