How To Troubleshoot an Xbox One That Won't Turn On

Published : 26/07/2020 13:23:13
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How To Troubleshoot an Xbox One That Won't Turn On

The Xbox One is among the most popular gaming consoles up to date and a fantastic device. However, it’s not immune to any tech problem. Unlike its predecessor, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One doesn’t have an indicator when there are problems within the unit. While the Xbox 360 had the terrifying “Red Ring of Death,” the latest-gen Xbox One would lie neutrally, and only until you try to turn it on would you realise that there’s a problem with your system.


As the Xbox One doesn’t have any external cues to help the owner identify the cause of the problem, trying to get it to work can be frustrating. Nevertheless, it’s not an impossible task. Here are a few things you can try when your Xbox One doesn’t turn on:


1. Ensure That the Controller Is Working


What most gamers would usually do is turn on the system using the controller, which is a lot more convenient. However, the problem could be that the controller’s batteries are already drained. To test this, turn the Xbox directly by pressing the console’s power button. If the system turns on, it’s either your controller is drained, or the controller itself calls for a replacement.


2. Check the External Power Supply Cord


As obvious as it may sound, it’s typical to overlook this issue, especially if the console stays seated at the same place for a while. However, there could be times when you accidentally shove the wires and the cords, causing the power cord to come loose either from the console or the power outlet.


As such, check if the device is plugged correctly. Try turning it on and observe the LED on the power brick. If there’s no light or the light is blinking orange, the power supply should be replaced. Otherwise, if the orange light or a white light stays steady, you might have to get a technician to examine your console.


3. Reset the Internal Power Supply


Sometimes, the Xbox One won’t turn on because there’s a mismatch between the level of power the power supply generates and the level that the console needs to operate. An internal power supply reset can help to fix it. Unplug all cables from both the console and the power outlet. After 10 to 20 seconds, plug it in and turn the Xbox on to see if it works.


4. Identify If It’s an Overheating Issue


One of the most common reasons that any console shuts down all of a sudden is overheating. There are many causes of overheating, but typically, it’s due to a lack of proper cooling and ventilation. When the system has trouble trying to maintain its optimum temperature, there’s likely dust build-up or something else blocking the air vents. If so, you can try using canned air to clean the vents, and it should function properly. If the Xbox still doesn’t turn on after cleaning, you might need to get it serviced since it could be an issue with the hardware.




Trying to troubleshoot an Xbox One that doesn’t turn on can get complicated. It’s especially true since, with the lack of indicator for the problem, you’ll have to take a peek inside to identify the cause exactly. With the above tips, you may try to get your console to work again. However, if nothing works, you may want to consider taking your Xbox One for repairs.


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