How To Sell Your Nintendo Switch as a Second Hand Console

Published : 12/11/2020 16:20:32
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How To Sell Your Nintendo Switch as a Second Hand Console

Released in 2017, Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest entry in the modern market as a hybrid gaming console. Its viability as a portable gaming device is one of its strongest selling points. However, with travel limitations due to COVID-19, it’s highly unlikely that this feature will be as useful. This is why selling the Switch while it’s still a relatively hot commodity can allow you to have most of your money back.


How to sell your Nintendo Switch


Selling a relatively young console in the market is a viable way to earn back almost all of your investment if you know how to sell it properly. Especially with the arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, many gamers are sure to anticipate exclusive titles from their favourite IPs with these new consoles. Although the Switch is still a viable product to own, it’s not the best time to hold onto it if you don’t have the budget to buy newer consoles.


If you’re planning to beef up your wallet for the more modern consoles in the market, here are five things you should do:


1. List down impertinent information


Collect all the information your potential buyers will need. This includes its initial price, current market price, date of purchase and more. Although storage is the same for all Switches, Joy-Cons vary in colour. Some models are much harder to find than others, with limited-edition colour palettes and even themed tie-ins with game releases.


2. Include other things to add to your Switch


Besides your Joy-Cons, you should also highlight other accessories and physical games you’ll want to sell with your Switch. Including them can help you leverage your selling price to match a closer value to your overall purchase cost. Some buyers are willing to pay more to buy these in a bundle. However, you can also sell each item separately if your primary goal is to sell your Switch anyway.


3. Back-up your game saves if necessary


Although you’re selling the physical copy of your Switch, you may want to buy one again in the future. It’s common for buyers to buy and sell their consoles to match the release dates of their favourite IPs. Thankfully, your purchases in the Nintendo eShop will remain on your account. However, your game saves will not remain. If you really want to keep your game saves, you need to ask a friend to transfer them to their console. Doing so will delete them from your Switch and remain on your friend’s console.


4. Reset your Nintendo Switch


After backing up your files, remember to delete all your information on your Switch by resetting it. It’s important to remove your Nintendo Account so that you can protect your sensitive information. Wiping your Switch clean of any digital footprint will keep you safe from any risk of buyers using your accounts as their own.


5. Prepare it for online listing markets


After cleaning your Switch digitally, you should also do the same to it physically. Although you’re selling a second hand item, your chances of getting a buyer will depend on your presentation. This is why it’s best to give it to a professional cleaning service so that you can increase your selling value. Make sure to post appealing product pictures on as many online listing markets as possible. Doing so will help you reach a more extensive market of potential buyers.




After going through all these steps, you may have to go through a waiting game for potential buyers. Don’t be afraid to lower your selling price slightly if you think it’s the right choice. Remember that it’s better to get back part of your investment than none at all. Nevertheless, don’t sell yourself too short as well. The key to selling a second hand console is waiting for the right timing and posting at the right marketplaces.


Selling a console with performance issues or physical damages will significantly reduce your chances of finding a potential buyer. At Gamer Tech, we perform Nintendo Switch repair in the UK together with other gadgets like PS4s, iPhones and more. Contact us today, and receive hassle-free and secure shipping to collect your broken devices and return it in top condition!

If you have a broken Switch you would like to sell, our sister website SellMyBroken is a great way to get good money for a broken Nintendo Switch. 

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