How is Coronavirus affecting our business.

Published : 16/03/2020 12:28:37
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Updated 31/10/2020 at 20:30

We wanted to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our customers up to date with how current events are affecting our business. We will keep this page up to date with any news we have when we have it. 

Updated 31/10/2020 at 20:30

After the latest announcement that we are going into another national lockdown from Thursday 5th November, I wanted to write an update to say how we are looking now, and how things may be during the lockdown. 

We still have the extra staff that we took on through the last lockdown and they are up to speed on many repairs, particularly game consoles. 

We do seem to get busier on the run up to Christmas every year. As customers who have bought new games as presents but then find the console breaks means we find that customer become more desperate for a quick repair and return before Christmas. We will announce a cut off time where a return before Christmas will be guaranteed. This is usually around 5 working days before Christmas day but may have to be brought forward with the added orders as a result of lockdown. 

If we go by the last lockdown, inbound calls and emails went up by 500% and orders by a similar number. We now have more staff that will help make sure we can respond to enquiries in a timely manner, but the added Christmas rush may increase demand further. If so, we will look to recruit staff as soon as is necessary.

This is all happening alongside the next generation of consoles being launched, so we could find that we don't get the sudden rush of trade, but either way, we are well prepared. 

We promise to be proactive with our communications. If there is any sign of turnaround times being extended, we will be in touch with our customers to advise so you will always be kept in the loop. 

UPDATE 23/09/2020 Turnaround Time

We are pleased to say that we are now meeting our estimated turnaround time of 10 working days for all devices except Laptop repairs.

Due to the backlog we have and the time needed to diagnose faults and to order parts, laptop repairs are currently on an estimated turnaround time of 15+ working days.

To our customers who have already booked in with us for laptop repair we understand that this may be frustrating news for you. We appreciate your patience thus far, however should you wish for us to return your device with a refund on your repair fee please contact

UPDATE 10/06/2020 Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is still over our usual time. We now have 50% more repair staff so should start to make some real progress through our order queue now. 

I have also disabled the "Express Same Day" repair option on our site. This is an option where customers can pay extra to jump the queue. I have disabled this so we can concentrate on the normal repair queue. 

UPDATE 27/05/2020 Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time continues to be over our usual 3-5 working days and orders keep going up. I have changed our website product pages to reflect the current queue time. We are also actively looking for more staff. So if you, or anyone you know is looking for work, please do get in touch. 

If you can forward your CV with a covering letter to FAO: Dan we will be sure to respond and arrange a socially distant interview. 

Kind regards


UPDATE 07/05/2020 Turnaround Time

We were managing to keep on top of our repair queue, but over the last 2 days, some orders have gone over time by a day. This is due to us receiving more and more orders as the lock down continues. Also, a higher proportion of customers have made use of the express service. Please note we are working through the Bank Holiday weekend to get back on top and delayed orders will be ready to leave us on Monday. 

We will also have bought back some time to keep future orders within our normal 5 working day turnaround. To help prevent this from happening again, some old staff members are coming back to help with repairs. 

We would have taken staff on sooner, but this work isn't the type of work that many have experience in. Training someone up from fresh takes at least a month before someone is proficient and then gets to work on customers devices. 

The sudden up tick in business means that if we employed new staff, it would have actually slowed down our turnaround even more as experienced repairers train the new staff. 

For customers whose orders have been delayed, we really are very sorry. It won't be long now until you have your devices back. Next week we will be back on track. 

Stock Issues

As China battened down their hatches after their New Year break, certain stocks have been hard to get hold of, mainly for Apple repairs. Our current supplier had run out of a few key items that we use every day so unfortunately there have been delays to Apple repairs. We have had word that stock should be back to normal levels this week so we hope to be back in stock of missing parts week commencing 23/03/2020. We will have a backlog of repairs so will endeavour to stay late to get back on top ASAP. 

For console spares, we have a large stock of parts so we are well stocked to perform most repairs. 

UPDATE 24/04/2020 - We are back up to normal stock levels. Anything we don't have can be ordered on a next day delivery so our 3-5 working day turnaround time can be met on almost all orders. 

Staffing and Customer Service

We have encouraged our staff to look after themselves during these uncertain times. We do currently have some office staff members self isolating and we are missing calls and online chat has been turned off. We have turned off chat to make sure we can respond to all emails and as many calls as possible. 

We do encourage customers to email us if possible. We will ensure that all emails are responded to within the working day. After hours emails will be responded to first thing the next morning. 

Repair wise, we are on top of our repair queue bar devices waiting for parts. So our normal turnaround time is currently achievable for repairs we are stocked for. If we receive an order that stock has run out for, we will be sure to notify you and provide an ETA on the part supply. 

UPDATE 19/03/2020 - one of our customer service staff now feels well enough to work. I have dropped a computer off for them so they can work from home while they self isolate. More calls can be handled now.  

UPDATE 24/03/2020 - With the announcement from Boris Johnson PM last night, we are closed to public walk in customers but continue to serve online orders with our DPD collection and delivery service. Local customers who have already dropped off devices will have their units delivered back. We will be in touch once repairs are complete to make arrangements. 

UPDATE 24/04/2020

We are happy to report that we are still just about on top of our repair queue but are looking towards the back end of our advertised turnaround time of 3-5 working days. So orders received on Monday have been completed today.  We are all working 12 hour days and weekends to claw some days worth of deliveries back. We would like all repairs to be turned around the same day we receive them. 

We are however struggling to respond to email and phone enquiries within a working day. Having a look back over the last few weeks and making some comparisons, we are receiving 5 times our average amount of contacts. We have had some customers email multiple times within the space of an hour and at the moment, we are not able to respond that quickly all the time. We are sure all our customers are eager to get answers as soon as their questions are asked, and we will do our absolute best to respond as soon as possible.

I hope our customers can understand that we are trying all we can in a time when even world banks, Governments etc with all their resources are struggling to help their customers. The last time I called a bank, it said my hold time would be at least 8 hours and 6 working days for a response to an email! 

Please check your order in your account for the latest status update. This will always be the most up to date information and when you call or email, all we do is look up your account and see this information and relay it to you. 

Saturday - Tuesday are our busiest days, and we have some more help coming to staff the phones next week. Hopefully we will be able to get back to people quicker from Monday on.

DPD Courier Service

We have been advised by DPD that they have procedures in place to enable them to keep their award winning service going. Their service is running as normal at this time. 

UPDATE 24/03/2020

We have just received the following information from DPD which makes sense. We have disabled the Ship From Shop option on our website for the same reasons:

Following the Government's announcement last night, we have an important update regarding our Pickup shop network which you can read below, however we can confirm our parcel collection and delivery operations continue as normal.

DPD Pickup Shop Network

To comply with the Government's advice to close non-essential shops, we are immediately suspending our DPD Pickup service.

This means your customers won't be able to drop off their parcels at a shop, divert their parcels to a shop in-flight or collect their parcels from their local shop.

We have also updated all our app users regarding the Pickup service.

UPDATE 07/04/2020

Due to the pick up shops closing, and a higher than normal amount of bookings with us, we have run out of Swap It boxes. We have some more on their way to us, due in tomorrow. If we have run out of boxes for your order we will get in touch to offer DPD to collect from your house direct and may ask if you can pack the device for us. This is to reduce delays. We continue to be well on top of our repair turnaround rate. 

Also, for customers who wish to sell us their device rather than us repairing it for them, we have changed the way we collect. Previously, we send a shipping label for the customer to use with the pickup shops. We have added the following information to the Sell Your Device page - *** During the lock down, we will send DPD to your door to collect. Please have the device packaged up for them and they will collect from your doorstep. They are respecting social distancing and will ask you to leave it on the floor and they will pick it up ***

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