5 Fixes For Your PS5 That Does Not Want To Turn On

5 Fixes For Your PS5 That Does Not Want To Turn On

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Did your PS5 just crash and not seem to switch on anymore? This is a common problem that many other PlayStation 5 owners dealt with! It is certainly an infuriating issue, especially if you were just enjoying playing some games and this suddenly happened. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fix this problem—and hopefully, one of the solutions we will share with you today will fix it for you.


Here are some simple fixes you can try out for your PS5 that does not want to turn on:


1. Restart the PS5


Sometimes, a simple restart is what is needed to get the PS5 working normally again. To restart your PS5, hold on to the power button for around fifteen seconds. This will force the PS5 to restart, and when it boots back up, you will be given a short error message. Apart from that warning message, the PS5 should work normally afterwards.


2. Switch it off and on


If a restart does not fix it, then you may have to do a full powering off and on of your console. To do this, hold the power button until the flashing LED is off. Once that is done, unplug the console from the power source and leave it there for around twenty minutes. After that, plug it back to the power source and switch it back on.


3. Insert a game disc


If you have a standard PS5 and the drive is empty, you can try inserting a game disk into it. If it does not accept the disk, the PS5 is not on or is not functioning properly! If it does accept it normally, then the PS5 has turned on normally. This can mean that something else is the problem and not the PS5 itself.


4. Try another power cord


The PS5 uses the standard IEC C7 power cord, the same power cords used by the PS4 and PS3. If you have any spare power cable around that is the IEC C7, try them out! There may be a chance that the cable cannot transmit sufficient power or any power at all to the console, causing it to malfunction or not turn on. Just be sure to test the new cable on something else to make sure it actually is working in the first place. Also, try to plug the PS5 into another outlet just in case the original outlet is not working.


5. Start the PS5 in safe mode


If the PS5 still does not start normally, you may have to start the PS5 “safely.” To do this, turn off the PS5 first and then hold the power button until you hear the second beep. After that, release the power button and select to restart your console into safe mode.


Note that you can reset your PS5 from here as well—but be careful. A reset will restore the PS5 to its factory state, meaning you will lose all your files in the console. As such, only do this as a last resort!




If any of these fixes have helped restore your PS5 to its normal operations, then that is great to hear. However, if none of these has fixed the problem for you, do not worry! There are professional technicians out there who can solve this problem and many others for you. Simply send them the PS5 you are dealing with and tell them of the problem. They will do their best to find the root cause of the issue and get it fixed so that you can once again sit back, relax, and enjoy using your console in the comforts of your home.


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