4 Practical Tips to Keep Your Xbox Series X From Overheating

Published : 15/03/2021 10:20:08
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4 Practical Tips to Keep Your Xbox Series X From Overheating

The next generation of console gaming is finally upon us, with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X shipping out to those fortunate enough to successfully preorder them. If you’re one of those lucky few, you’re probably enjoying a good time replaying your old favourites on a brand new high-powered console. There is, however, one constant reality when it comes to home computing devices like the Xbox Series X—heat generation. The more powerful the device is, the more heat it generates, which thus requires more cooling systems in place to keep at optimum levels.


During the Xbox 360 days, overheating is one of the problems that plagued the earlier batches of the console. Some have reported getting stuck at the infamous Xbox green screen of death or seeing that ominous red ring colour indicator; both were common indicators of hardware failure due to overheating. With the new Series X out, and as Microsoft’s most powerful console yet, it’s right to assume that overheating may be an issue that you might encounter. To avoid that from happening, follow these steps when setting up your new console.


  1.      Place the unit in an upright position


If all the promotional images haven’t already given it away, the Series X is designed to be positioned vertically. Those big vents on the console should always face your ceiling to let all the heat go up and out of the box. This new generation of Xbox consoles took a lot of inspiration from high-end gaming PCs, including the ventilation system. Microsoft’s architects have even confirmed that the new design allows 70% more airflow, especially if placed in an upright position.


  1.      Give it plenty of room


You’ve probably seen a lot of people posting pictures of their new gaming setup, placing their Series X in a bookcase beneath the TV, nearby shelf, or right next to a well. Doing that just leads to the console transferring warm air onto a surface next to it. It might seem weird, but you should practice social distancing even when setting up your Series X! Doing so lets the warm air freely escape to avoid compiling in one area and causing your unit to overheat.


  1.      Avoid placing it near other sources of heat


Placing your Xbox next to a wifi router, an amplifier, a PC, or other gaming consoles isn’t a good idea as well. Those devices also generate a lot of heat. Even if they’re not turned on, they can still act as a heat conductor because of all the components inside them.


Moving your console to a warmer room is okay—but it’s not ideal. Allow the Series X to come to room temperature first before attempting to turn it on.


  1.      Keep your unit clean


The Series X’s design allows for greater ventilation—but it also puts it at risk of being clogged by dust. Those vents are practically huge openings for the dust to settle in. As such, it’s best to invest in a good feather duster and sweep off some of the dust on the vents and the console’s body. Try doing this light cleaning routine at least once every few weeks. Leaving all the dust sitting there is just an Xbox green screen of death waiting to happen, or worse, you cause some damage to the internal components.


A bonus tip is to put some cloth covering on top of the console when it’s not in use. That should minimise the dust buildup on the vents during off times!




The Xbox Series X is a powerful and well-designed console. The new look, huge vent ports, and a heat sink are just what the Xbox needs for its next-gen product. That doesn’t make it immune to having problems like overheating. If you want your console to last you until the next generation of gaming consoles come out, you need to take good care of it with the tips mentioned above.


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