3 Ways You Can Fix Your Xbox One's Update Problems - Our Guide

Published : 15/10/2020 10:30:02
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3 Ways You Can Fix Your Xbox One's Update Problems - Our Guide

While the Xbox One system has undergone rigorous testing to ensure as many problems are addressed, issues can still occur, especially on the software side of things. That's because many factors can cause a software-related issue which the developers may not have accounted for or even know is possible.


That said, one of the problems you may face with your Xbox One is that it sometimes fails to update. Here are some common reasons for the update error and how to fix it:


Causes of update errors and how to fix them


There are many possible causes of an error in the update. For example, Your Xbox may have lost internet connection during the updating process, or its hard drive may be full. While these are problems that are easily fixed, there are other issues such as hardware problems that are a little more severe and harder to fix.


Nevertheless, identifying the cause of the problem will only make things easier for you, as you will know what to do to find a solution. However, if you don't know what caused the update error, here are some of the things you can do:


1. Restart the console


Sometimes, something as simple as restarting the console may fix the problem, even if you don't know the cause. This can solve many issues, such as error messages or getting stuck.


To restart your console, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller to open up a menu and select the restart option. From then on, wait until the console boots back up and try the update again.


If that doesn't work, a hard-restart might do the trick. To do this, power off the console and unplug it from a power source for approximately half a minute. Plug the power back in and switch the console back on to see if the update can continue error-free.


2. Free up the hard drive


Some errors may be the case that the update has nowhere to go on the hard drive since it is full. This can happen quite commonly since many games are large, quickly filling up any hard drive space.


To fix this, uninstall some apps or games you no longer use or play, then retry the update.


3. Undergo an offline update


Not every household enjoys a perfect internet connection. If you regularly experience network issues, chances are that it is what's causing the update error. To fix this, you will need to perform an offline update.


To update your Xbox without the use of the internet, you will need a flash drive such as a USB. You will need to format it to NTFS, so backup any necessary files. After that, download the offline system update and extract its content into the USB drive. From then on, turn off your console and turn it back on, making sure it goes to the startup troubleshooter. From there, connect the USB to the console and perform the offline update.




If any of the above solutions work for you, that's excellent news. However, if nothing seems to work, it may be a problem more severe than a simple internet connection. You can contact support from here, detailing the issues you're facing.


Sometimes, it might be a server-side issue, meaning it isn't your fault. However, if it is your side, such as a hardware related problem, consider sending it to a repair shop to fix!


Gamer-Tech is an established repair company in York, UK, offering quality repair jobs to fix any device issues. If your Xbox One needs repair, reach out to us today!

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