3 Tips To Prevent Your Nintendo Switch From Overheating

Published : 29/07/2020 10:44:35
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3 Tips To Prevent Your Nintendo Switch From Overheating

Many times, you might find yourself gaming on your Nintendo Switch for hours on end. While that is something we can definitely get behind, one thing you have to be mindful of is the temperature of the device. If you let it get too hot for too long, you run the risk of damaging it permanently.


This problem is particularly common when keeping the Switch docked as you play. In any case, excessive heat should serve as a warning that you have to be more careful. To keep your Switch cool and avoid the chances of overheating, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


1. Set up the dock in a cool area


If you placed the dock in a particularly warm area or a poorly ventilated spot, hot air is going to be sucked into the machine. This prevents the device from effectively dissipating heat, which in turn puts it at risk of overheating.


As such, remember to keep your Switch in a cool and well-ventilated area. For instance, rather than keeping it near the floor, leave it on an elevated platform such as a table where air can easily flow through. That way, your Switch can safely operate for more extended periods without getting too hot, and you extend the life of the console as well.


2. Choose a different dock


The dock that comes with the Switch, while functional, is not the best in terms of keeping it cool. Some gamers have even reported that it can scratch the console’s screen.


To ensure that the dock is not causing your Switch to overheat, look for a USB-C dock instead. You may also opt for a dock features a more “open” design to keep air circulating freely. Either option is better than the standard dock, as they allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter.


3. Have a break


It’s normal for any gaming device to warm up when in use, but it can be a problem if it persists for too long. When you play for extended periods without taking breaks, the console can continually work harder and produce more and more heat.


The most practical way to prevent this is to take sufficient breaks between gaming sessions. Doing so will help the device cool down to acceptable levels, and it’s a great opportunity to rest your eyes and fingers for a bit.




By using all of the three the tips we have shared, you can guarantee that your Switch will not be overheating anytime soon!


However, if you find your Switch still overheating, there might be a problem with the components inside. To fix this, we highly recommend that you visit a repair shop. You can go to a Nintendo service centre, but we highly recommend that you consider third-party options. Not only are the costs much lower, but the quality of repair is on par if not even better!


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