3 Things You Must Do When Your iPad Screen Is Cracked

Published : 17/11/2020 09:14:28
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3 Things You Must Do When Your iPad Screen Is Cracked

One cannot express the feeling of purchasing a brand-new iPad, from the moment you get it from the store to the moment you open it at home. That said, with such a pricy investment, you will more than likely give it plenty of care to prevent damaging it. Unfortunately, accidents happen from time to time, some of which can result in a cracked screen.


If you have accidentally dropped your iPad and cracked its screen, it is not the end of the world! You can still have it fixed back to its original condition. Before you head out to the nearest repair store, however, there are a few things you must do to ensure you do not cause unnecessary hassle for yourself.


1. Back up the data


The most important thing to do before sending your iPad for repairs is to back up its data. There are cases where the data on the device is wiped during the repair process, and this is something you will not want to deal with.


To back up your iPad, connect it to your computer and start iTunes. From there, you can select your iPad and back it up. You can also back up your iPad through iCloud. To do this, access the settings on your iPad and look for iCloud. Click on iCloud and choose iCloud Backup. Once that is turned on, your iPad will automatically be backed up when connected to the internet or plugged into your computer.


2. Cover the cracked screen


Once the iPad has been backed up, you should cover the screen to reduce the chances of further damage and to make sure that no glass bits fall off and hurt someone.


To cover your iPad's screen, you can zip the entire device in a zip-lock bag or wrap it with packing tape. If you have none of those, look for a plastic bag or any type of bag to place the device in. After all, you would not want to carry a cracked iPad with your bare hands.


3. Consider the repair options


With the iPad's screen safely protected, you can now decide on a few repair options: do it yourself or send it to a repair shop. You can do it yourself if you have the tools and equipment, but it will be difficult if you do not have the experience. If you make a mistake, your warranty will also be voided.


If the above is a risk you are not willing to take, then send your iPad to a repair shop! They are professionals at fixing broken devices, and it will likely be cheaper than doing it yourself. Plus, they will more than likely offer you a new warranty for the repair, meaning that you will be covered if problems arise in the future.




A shattered iPad screen can ruin anyone's day. Fortunately, it can also be easily fixed. Follow the above tips when getting your iPad repaired. That way, you minimize the risk of unnecessary trouble and ensure that your iPad safely makes it to the repair store. Before you know it, you will be walking home with a "brand-new" iPad, using it as if nothing ever happened.


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