3 Issues New PS5 Owners May Face And How To Fix Them

Published : 04/01/2021 15:25:44
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3 Issues New PS5 Owners May Face And How To Fix Them

Now that you are among the fortunate few to own the newly released PS5, you probably plan to spend countless hours on gaming to make the most out of the console. Unfortunately, many PS5 owners are now greeted with annoying problems they did not expect to find in a brand-new product.


If this is the same story as your PS5, do not worry. These problems have solutions, and in this article, we will tackle them to give you a better idea of what to do.


1. Coil whine


Coil whine is a problem that is not exclusive to just the PS5. Many other products, like graphic cards and laptops, also may exhibit coil whine. In many cases, the sound is from vibrations in the electrical wiring. These vibrations are perfectly normal, and the coil whine itself is not a severe problem. However, it can be quite annoying, as the sound of a coil whine can detract from your gaming experience.


If you are facing this problem, the first fix you can attempt is to reposition your PS5. If it was horizontal, try to let it stand vertical, and vice versa. If that does not work, look around the PS5 to see that it is well ventilated. If it is not, place it somewhere else where it can access plenty of air without any obstruction to help keep the system cool.


Finally, if you are still facing the problem after trying everything, you can contact support. You may be eligible for a replacement. However, in the case that you do not mind the whine, continuous use may cause the sound to eventually disappear.


2. Stuck at "Queued for Download"


What is more annoying than having to wait for a game to download before playing? A game that is stuck not downloading. Some owners have run into issues where a game is "queued for download" but is stuck there seemingly forever. Sometimes, you may just have to be patient, but if it has been stuck there for days, then try out these fixes.


You can start by booting your PS5 into safe mode. Do this by pushing and holding the button in front of the console until it makes two beeps. It will then boot into safe mode. From there, select 'Rebuild Database' and let it do its thing. It will keep your files but might make some changes. Once that is done, try re-downloading again.


3. Mysterious "Other" taking up storage


Games can easily contain hundreds of gigabytes nowadays, meaning that your 600GB-ish hard drive might not be enough. What is more worrying is that some owners have checked their hard drive, only to see "Other" take up to 100GB of space.


The first thing to do if you discover a chunk of your storage taken up by "Other" is to see if you are downloading anything. In many cases, some files still being downloaded can show up as "Other" where it will later be uncategorized once the download is done.


If that is not the case, then it might just be large gameplay clips. Reduce the length to five minutes and see if this solves the issue. If the problem is still there, the best thing to fix the problem is to purchase an external hard drive. While that does not resolve the issue directly, we do not recommend messing around with the hard drive too much. Plus, with a dedicated storage device, you can download many more games, as external drives come in sizes of 1TB and more.




Unfortunately, new PS5s come with some problems that, in some cases, are difficult to fix. If our solutions above have not helped you fix your problem, or if we did not cover the issue, feel free to look at other resources. If nothing seems to work, we highly recommend sending your PS5 to a repair shop. Expert technicians will handle the problem for you, locating the root cause of the issue and addressing it to ensure your gaming experience is free from any trouble.


Gamer Tech is a professional repair company utilizing the latest techniques and only the best parts to carry out any repair. If you need PS5 repairs in the UK, get in touch with us today!

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