Earn money for your broken device

It's easy to turn your broken devices in to cash with Gamer Tech. Check out the list below of the devices we are buying at the moment, and the amount of money you can earn. 

We do all the hard work for you. We will collect your device for free using DPD couriers with full tracking information. We will assess the device on arrival and confirm our payment offer via email. If you accept, we will pay by bank transfer the same day you reply. If you decline, we return your item to you and it costs you nothing.  

We also securely erase all data on hard drives so your information is safe. 

Please note, we will check all devices with CheckMend to make sure there is no outstanding finance on the device, and that it is not reported as lost or blocked by networks. 

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How Much Do We Pay?

We offer payment levels based on the condition of the device, and whether accessories are bundled in or not. Descriptions are as follows:

No Warranty Seal

Any faults accepted. 

This is a console that has previously been opened. If the original manufacturers warranty seal is missing or has been damaged, your console would fall under this price bracket. This includes warranty seals that have been placed via 3rd party repair services.  Please note that all internal parts should be present like the disc drive and PSU, or we will send the device back without payment. 

Console Only

Any fault accepted.

For customers sending us just the console on its own - no cables or controllers. Original manufacturers warranty seal must be intact.

Console and accessories

Any fault accepted.

This price bracket is for customers who send us their faulty console with a working controller, controller cable, HDMI and power lead. The warranty seal must also be intact to be eligible for this price bracket.  

Prices Paid For Your Broken Device

DeviceNo Warranty SealConsole OnlyConsole + Accessories
PS4 Original £10 £30 £50
PS4 Slim £20 £45 £65
PS4 Pro £20 £45 £65
Xbox One Original £10 £30 £50
Xbox One Slim £20 £45 £65
Xbox One X £20 £45 £65

Would You Like To Arrange A Collection?

Please call or use our contact page to get in touch. We will help you with creating an account on our website so you can track the progress of the device on its way to us. We will also record all our offers and notes on your account so you can see all the information just by logging into our website. All notes are also emailed to you automatically for your records. 

We look forward to hearing from you.