Reduced price! iPad Pro 9.7" Screen Replacement

iPad Pro 9.7" Screen Replacement

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iPad Pro 9.7 inch glass and LCD repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>The glass screen and/or LCD are cracked or otherwise damaged

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What causes the iPad Pro 9.7" glass and LCD Fault?

The most common problem that we see is accidental damage. Most of the time just the glass will crack before the LCD is damaged, but if the impact was particularly hard then you may unfortunately have damaged both parts. We have had iPads in various states of disrepair from being run over by multiple cars in a car showroom to being trampled on in a school playground. 

iPad Pro 9.7 inch screens have been made with the glass and LCD bonded together. This means the likelihood of both screens being damaged is unfortunately quite high.  

If the LCD isn't working, it is wise to test before sending the unit in for repair. Plug the iPad in to your computer to make sure it is still recognised as a device. If it is then this repair should be the right one for you. If it isn't then we would advise using the inspection option so we can provide a no obligation quote. 

How do we repair the iPad Pro 9.7 inch glass and LCD?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the iPad to confirm the fault. We then open the iPad and proceed to swap the LCD and digitizer (glass screen). We transfer the original home button to the new screen so your TouchID will still work. We then reassemble the iPad so we can test it. The iPad Pro 9.7 then goes to our main testing area where all functions are tested prior to dispatch.

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