iPad 2 Back Light Circuit Repair

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iPad 2 LCD Replacement. Is this the right repair for you?

>iPad turns on and you can hear it is working but there is no picture on the screen (LCD still works)
>Can see the picture by shining a light on the screen

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What causes the iPad 2 LCD Backlight Circuit Fault?

The most common problem that we see is accidental damage. Liquid damge can cause the components that control the backlight on the logic board to fail. 

Sometimes people who have tried a home repair and not used anti-static precautions can cause damage to the back light coil on the motherboard. 

How do we repair the iPad 2 LCD Back Light Circuit?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the iPad to confirm the fault. We use a visual inspection to identify any damaged components and we also use a multi meter to test the individual components. 

We then use controlled heat and fine soldering tips to remove and replace the damaged components.

Components are then tested to ensure continuity and correct output voltage. 

We then reassemble the iPad and test all functions before sending it to out test bench where all devices are tested prior to dispatch. 

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