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Hi, I have a PS4 slim, my son accidentally dropped it on the floor a couple of months back and the HDMI cable was bent. We managed to get the PlayStation working again with another lead and it worked fine but a couple of months down the line we started to get data corruption messages when only playing on fortnite .....we tried to delete the game, initialise the PS4 and do all the things you needed to do but it didn’t work. Now we seem to be having the PlayStation freeze and glitch on anything and turn it’s self off. Then when trying to turn it back on again it just has a black screen, very rare do we get on the main menu. Can you help with this? I live in Kent Sevenoaks how does your service work? He’s also worried that he will loose all game data on fortnite! Look forward to your response

Hello and thank you for getting in touch. First thing I can say is to reassure your son about his Fortnite data. That is all stored online so won’t be lost. 

As for a repair, I would suggest booking it in for an inspection. It sounds like there could be a few things going on. Some of what you have said sounds like a hard drive issue, and other more like an APU fault. 

Booking an inspection allows our repair people to check it out and quote for the repair without you having to pay up front for a repair. 

If you would like to speak to us, our phone lines are open again from 9am Monday. 

kind regards 

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