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Common Customer Questions
I'm not sure which repair option is right for my device, what should I do?

It isn't always clear which repair option is needed for your particular device. Some repairs are clear cut, but sometimes one symptom can need different types of repairs. We don't always know which until we have carried out some diagnostics. So in the case, always use the "Inspection" option. We have an Inspection Option listed on every repair category. 

I need the repair ASAP, can I get it done the same day?

For local customers, we can turn around most repairs within an hour or so.

For our national internet customers, you can choose the Express Service option. This is located on the repair pages. This means that we will repair and dispatch your device the same day we receive it. Please note that collections and deliveries are next working day services. So if a device is collected on a Monday, we would receive it on Tuesday. We would repair and dispatch the same day, and it will be back in your hands on Wednesday. 

This feature is disabled on repairs which may take more than a day for us to complete. This could be caused by a complex repair, a repair that needs more testing than normal, or rarely stocked/expensive parts. 

There is a disk stuck inside the console, will I get it back?

Of course! This is your property so it will come back to you in the same box as we pack the console in. We will note which disk it is on your order so you will see we have retrieved it for you. 

Do I need to send a controller and cables etc?

We don't require any accessories to be sent. Please only include the device for repair. We have our own leads and controllers etc so we wouldn't need yours.

The only exception is with laptops. We do have a lot of chargers in our repair centre, but as there are so many different types for laptops, it would be helpful if you could include yours. Just in case your laptop uses a particular charger we don't have. 

How do I pack my device for collection?

This depends on which shipping option you choose during check out. 

Swap It: Please don't pack your device at all for this service. The DPD driver will have a sturdy plastic box. It is lockable and has sponge padding. If you box it, it may not fit. The box DPD brings to you will perfectly protect your device during transit

Ship From Shop and Send Yourself options:  With these options, you are responsible for making sure the device is properly packed. We always recommend a box. Please pad the box out with bubble wrap. If you don't have any bubble wrap to hand, scrunched up newspaper or carrier bags will be just as good. We would like it to be padded out so the device isn't able to move around inside. Also, please include your name on a piece of paper inside. We have been receiving a lot of devices recently with no information which can delay our turnaround time. 

Where are you based? Can I bring it in?

We receive orders and enquiries from all over the UK. Our amazing DPD courier service can collect from you no matter where you are. 

Our repair centre is based in York, and you are more than welcome to come and see us. No appointment necessary. For those that are too far away, you can book in online and select one of our DPD collection options. Around 80% of our public customer orders are through our collection and delivery service. 

What happens if I book my device in for a repair, and you find more wrong with it?

This can happen from time to time, particularly with liquid damaged, or physically damaged devices. If you are worried, we would advise using the "Inspection" option listed on all repair categories for the particular device. 

When we find other problems, we always report back to you and ask for your authorisation to go ahead prior to carrying out the repair. If there is a change in price or repair needed compared to the order placed, we always provide the customer with choices. It is always up to you if you want to go ahead or not. We will refund the difference in price if a cheaper repair is needed. Likewise, if more money is needed for an additional/more expensive repair, we will ask you first. We wouldn't ask for the extra payment to be made until the repair and testing is complete and we are happy all is working well. 

You are not under any obligation to go ahead with additional work. 

Additionally, we don't charge full price on multiple repairs. Where we can, we charge the more expensive repair at full price, and discount the additional repair to £25. There are exceptions to this. For example, if a Macbook needed a new screen and motherboard, these parts are too expensive for us to cover at £25. We would charge the more expensive repair at full cost, and discount the second repair to the price of the part. 

I hope this makes sense. If this happens with your order, the repairer will break down the costs in an email so you can see how we have priced the repairs. 

How can I trust you?

We understand that the goods we are dealing with are yours, and sending them away for repair may be daunting to some. 

We would like to reassure customers by saying:

  • We have been in business since 01/08/2010 and have reviews stretching back this far - please look them up
  • Our courier DPD don't work for just anyone. We have to be vetted and go through an application process before we can have an account with them and use them to collect your device. You can trust that they won't deliver it to us if we were not a real business
  • Card processing firms also put us through a credit and background check before opening a facility for us to be able to accept card payments
  • We have signed up to Checkatrade who put us through a strong vetting system and contacted past customers for reviews
  • With us, you get your device back. Some manufacturers just trade your console for another refurbished one. Have you noticed they say they can't save your data? Unless the issue we are dealing with is down to a faulty hard drive, your data is safe and when you get your device back repaired, you will be able to see it is your device, set up exactly the way it was before it broke down
  • Many other businesses use us on a regular basis. Check out our b2brepairs.co.uk website where there are some testimonials from some big brands. 
  • We also offer full tracking both with the courier DPD and through your account on our website. You will receive email status updates as it progresses through our repair process. 

Product Specific Customer Questions
Asked by: Graham
Date: 2020-05-23 14:58:41
My Xbox one x has a hardware issue, how much would that cost to repair?

Hello and thank you for getting in touch. When you say "Hardware Issue" it is quite a broad term and can mean any physical part of the system has an issue. May I ask if you can explain further? We will be able to help. 

Kind regards


Asked by: Robbie
Date: 2020-05-22 22:35:46
I have a PS4 Slim. When power button pressed blue light pulsates for about 20 seconds then turns off. We get no display and when button held we do not get second beep and subsequently no safe mode. We have tried entering safe mode with and without H . . .

Thank you for your question. We can help with that repair. It sounds like it could be an issue with the Southbridge chip. You can book it in using the BLOD option or if you would like us to check it out before you pay for a repair, just use the Inspection option. 

Kind regards


Asked by: Victoria
Date: 2020-05-23 22:11:59
Hi, I have a PS4 slim, my son accidentally dropped it on the floor a couple of months back and the HDMI cable was bent. We managed to get the PlayStation working again with another lead and it worked fine but a couple of months down the line we star . . .

Hello and thank you for getting in touch. First thing I can say is to reassure your son about his Fortnite data. That is all stored online so won’t be lost. 

As for a repair, I would suggest booking it in for an inspection. It sounds like there could be a few things going on. Some of what you have said sounds like a hard drive issue, and other more like an APU fault. 

Booking an inspection allows our repair people to check it out and quote for the repair without you having to pay up front for a repair. 

If you would like to speak to us, our phone lines are open again from 9am Monday. 

kind regards 

Gamer Tech 

Asked by: Michael Williamson
Date: 2020-05-23 12:04:21
Hi there, My iPad has issues with charging. Previously it never used to recognise the charging cable and would not charge if turned on; but, if it was turned off and plugged in it would charge. Recently I updated the software on the iPad and now if . . .

Hello and thank you for your question. This is becoming more of a common problem with iPad Air's. It tends to be an issue with chips on the logic board. I would recommend using the inspection option to book it in. We can then test the device and confirm the fault before you pay for a repair. 

Asked by: Darren
Date: 2020-05-22 11:07:02
I have an iPad Pro 10.5 that will not allow me to access it, the screen seems to be not working. It is not crack3d or damaged but it does not respond to touch. If I send it in would you need the unlock code? And I can’t turn it off so would have t . . .

We may ask for the pass code for testing purposes, but could always send it back untested. No problem about sending it whilst on.

Kind regards


Asked by: Marcia Ashworth
Date: 2020-05-26 09:08:10
Can I drop the PS4 off and collect it as I am based in York or does it need to go through DPD?

Hello and thank you for your question. You are very welcome to drop it off, no need to book :)