Why Your PS4 Is Slowing Down And How You Can Fix It - Our Guide

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The PlayStation 4 has been a monumental breakthrough that pushed the boundaries of modern gaming when it was released nine years ago. The console made it possible for gamers to experience new and exciting ways to play their favourite games (like the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake) or try new mechanics that developers incorporate into their titles (like last year’s Death Stranding) on par with the PC.


Meanwhile, it has also become apparent that this fourth iteration of the PlayStation is starting to have trouble in keeping up, and with the PS5 just right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time for fans of the console to make the upgrade when it finally comes out.


Until then, you’re going to have to rely on your PS4 when it comes to laidback couch gaming. However, you might have noticed some slowdown from your PS4 by now, especially if you had it since it launched.


For some people, it isn’t much of an issue that their console is starting to become sluggish as long as they can still play their games. On the other hand, some people are quick to see that their PS4 is slowing down, making them feel worried.


Either way, it’s best to understand why this is happening and how you can fix it.


Why is this happening?


If you see signs of your PS4 slowing down, don’t worry as it probably just needs some cleaning. The dust build-up inside the console prevents air from cooling the system, making it overheat.

Whether you had your PS4 since 2013 or got the more recent ones like the Pro version in 2016, you probably haven’t done any cleaning of the console’s interior, and you’re only wiping the outside every now and then (who’s guilty?).


How to prevent this?


Admittedly, it’s hard to prevent this from happening since PS4 is a home console. Because it’s usually just seated on top of the console stand or a gaming desk, dust will enter the device and build up inside.


Even so, this actually isn’t much of a destructive issue, and the best solution for this is to clean your PS4. Here are the easy steps to do it:


       Used compressed air to blow the dust through the air vents

       Spray in short intervals

       Take a microfiber cloth to clean dust residue

       Check through the vents if there’s still dust left

       If so, repeat the process until the device is clean


Any other reasons?


Before you clean your PS4, you first need to make sure that it is dirty. But we’re not just citing the obvious here, and there’s a real reason for this. Sometimes, the slowdown from your PS4 isn’t because it’s got dust inside, but because its database needs to be rebuilt.


To rebuild the database, follow these steps:


       Turn off the console’s power

       Boot it into safe mode (Hold the power button until it beeps two times)

       Connect your controller using the original USB cable (wireless won’t work in this mode)

       Scroll down the options and choose number 5 which says “Rebuild Database”


Afterwards, wait for the device to restart on its own. As soon as it’s on, check if the issue still persists. If so, then you might have a case of a dusty PS4 interior.




While it’s normal for any console to get dusty over time, every gamer knows the importance of maintenance to achieve maximum performance. If your PS4 is becoming sluggish and unresponsive, then follow the steps above to try and fix the issue. However, if you don’t find any luck in solving the problem, then it’s likely to be a sign that your console has seen its prime and is starting to manifest its age. Hey, at least it’s passing the torch onto the next generation with honour and bravado.


Before giving up on it, though, you should bring to the professionals who might be able to repair your PS4 for you. We provide tech repair services in the UK. Get in touch with us today and book an appointment!



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